Monday, December 22, 2008

Poetry Meet

Date : 20/12
Venue : Oxford Book Store,Mumbai

As poets,our weapons are our words and thats why we gathered at Oxford Book Store on 20/12 to pay homage to the 26/11 terror victims.It was only befitting that we had amongst us someone who had actually gone through the horrifying experience, first hand.

We had an interesting group of people -Jamshed Khambatta,ex owner of Nariman House who was thanking his stars that he had sold off the building, Bhishm- a journalist who was In Taj with his mother on 26/11 to addend a wedding reception of his good friend, some new attendees and some of our P4poetry members like Vishvnandji,Parikshit(Parespeare) , Rajshree ,Ruby Malshe and Dr Taher.Unfortunately Vikash and Raj could not attend the meet.

We started off with our usual news about the website and also announcing about our tentative poetry retreat and then circulated the mike to every one to share a poem on the relevant theme of terror. Vishvnandji shared a poem that he had written the same morning.Jamshed scribbled something on a pad and shared with us.

We had an interesting half an hour discussion which was initiated by Bhishm on the reaction of people to the 26/11 attacks.He felt that everybody was missing the point by either talking about love to combat the situation(jamshed's take) or with a war( Vishvnand's take) or by increasing the security etc. He had missed being killed by a whisker and being stuck in Taj with the terrorists had been a completely cathartic experience for him which we totally understood but we couldnt really understand what he really wanted to do or the reaction that he wanted from people. I guess- as he said-there is no black and white in this world- we need to look at a grey and we left with a very perturbing feeling- What should really be done to combat the worldwide situation? It is such a deeprooted problem- Will it ever be resolved? Will we continue to live in a world of terror? Is that a world that we will give to our children?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Brand new Member Area for brand new year

I was working on a update of our member area. Many of you must have seen the new member area (dashboard). I just thought it'd better to explain few things here. But, words can not actually describe a feeling, being a poet all of you know it. :)

So, best way is to login and visit the dashboard

The new dasboard is divided into various sections like 'recent comments', 'recent drafts', 'p4poetry blog' etc. Each section contains an important chunk of information.

Every section can be collapsed. Means you can hide the actual content and choose to see only the section-title. In the attached screenshot, 'Recent comments' and 'Incoming Links' are collapsed. To collpase/uncollpase a section, you just need to click on the gray area of that section. (Give it a try)

You can also control, what to see and what now see. Means you can remove a particular section all together. (It is different than collapsing because in this case, you wont even see that particular section). For that, you have one option on top named "Screen Option".

Everything else is almost same. It just became more intuitive. You may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But, after getting a hold of it, you will be amazed how useful your dashboard became. :)

I'm attaching a screenshot of dashboard with explanation. Visit the dashboard first. And then look at the screenshot. It explained almost everything. (Open the image in a new window to see it in large size)

And don't forget to pour down your suggestions and feedback. Use the contact page.

- Vikash

Sunday, December 7, 2008

November Contest Winner - Sonal's poem "Bachpan ki woh meethi yaadein"

The Theme for the November contest was "Childhood Memories/Bachpan ki Yaadein". The response was good and the qulity of entries has improved alot. That just shows how good each poet on is...and they're getting better!!

As the months have gone by, the website has grown, alongwith each of its old and new members. The member participation in every aspect of p4p has also been superb, be it contests, comments, postings, loyalty and poetry meets. We hope all of you guys keep up the Passion for Poetry that each one of us here shares :)

Now, for the winner of the November Poetry Contest.....



drum rolls




it's SONAL, with her poem "Bachpan ki woh meethi yaadein"!
A hearty congratulations to Sonal.

Not far behind is Sahilendra who is the runer up for his brilliant poem titled "budhee yaadein"

We'll announce the December contest soon!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

November Contest Now Open!

The Contest for November is now open until 25th November.
To participate,visit our "Contest" page

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Audio Poems 101

We have an unique feature to publish AUDIO poems on our website. But, no one except me is using it. Our editorVishvanand Ji tried initially but gave up after some time because the process was complicated. I tried to write a long tutorial about it but no one reads long and boring tutorials. Even our co-founder Renu confirms it.

But, I seriously want our users to use this feature. Preeti was also concerned about it. So, I did my best to make the whole audio poem publishing process easy. And like the previous tutorial trials, I won't bore you with long paragraphs of written text.

Record your poem. The software I recommend is AUDACITY. You can also use sound recorder available with any windows software. Save it as mp3.

STEP 1: 
Upload an audio Poem to our server. You can use other server of your choice as well. But, I'll talk about p4poetry servers. To upload simply click on the icon shown in picture below.

You will see a popup like this. Click on the icon indicated by red box.

It will open a window showing files on your computer. Locate the file and click okay. The process of uploading will start. And the screen will look as follows. This step may take time. Amount of time depends on the speed of your internet connection, size of the file and load on our servers.

Once the file is uploaded on our servers. The screen will look like it. 

You can fill in all the optional details. Copy the 'Link URL' , highlighted in the picture above.


Now, you will embed the file in the poem. This is a lot more simpler now. You just need to write a line like this: [podcast] Your audio file link [/podcast] as shown in picture below.
If you just uploaded a file to our server, then the copied 'Link URL' is your audio file link. 

You can also provide link of any other audio file hosted anywhere. If you paste the link in between [podcast] & [/podcast]  then upon publishing a player will appear in the poem, using which people can listen your voice. Don't forget to select the category as 'podcast' as well. The overall effect will be like this: 

It took me a lot of time to make it so easy for you. So, use it. :)

If you face any problem or want to give some feedback then leave a comment here. Hope to hear your poem in your voice soon, after all its the recital which makes a poem poem.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Andddddddddddd the winner of the October contest is...............

Srishti Srivastava for the poem Separation

She gets a book of her choice from manjul Publishing.

The Runners up are......

1st Runner Up : विरह - दर्द एक रूप अनेक by Nishant Poet

2nd Runner Up : Prayer In Despair by Parminder Soni

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Awesome Forum Changes!!

An inspired admin just made the forum experience cooler!! Now you can use formatting like-

1. Bold
2. Italics
3. Underline
4. Strike Through
5. Hyperlink
6. Quote : To quote a part or full post of another member
7. IMG : To post images. However, the images first need to be uploded on p4poetry or external picture hosting website.
8. Lists
9. Centered Text
10. Smilies are added : click on smiley on top-right of writing toolbar to choose from a list of smilies!! :D

for posting a new post or for replying in the forum. Also, you will automatically logged in on the forum if you click the forum link on the website and if you were logged in on the website before clicking the link!!

Just another reminder, you can add Polls as well in the forum!!



We've been noticing that members are posting descriptions like (for Contest, VIraah Poem, For Prompt etc). This is not a right practise as the space provided for Title is not meant for description. It should be sued strictly for the title.

Say, a poem is titled 'Rose' and it has been written for the on-going contest. Instead of poeting 'Rose' in the Title, members tend to post 'Rose (contest entry). This practise should be avoided.

But we know that you like to mention things like the poem for written for so-and-so prompt, or contest. You can give readers this information in the space provided in the box where you type the poem.

Moderators are trying to edit as many poems as possible to remove description' from the poem title. But this is a tedious task considering we have nearly 2600 published poems on our website. Thus, it is a request to all you members to please edit your poem titles and snip out the descriptions from the same.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October Meet round up!

The October Meet saw a little less turnout, furthermore the meeting started a little late, but perhaps the delay made it all the more special! The meeting saw some non-p4poetry members atteneding and the enthusiams reached a new high!

The meeting began with acknoledgeing the fact that there is a need to connect, to be heard that brought all the poets together with a poem titled 'Connect'-

Two lonely hearts
Searching for an invisible soul
Ready to shoot their love darts
Waiting for love to go on a roll.

They log on to the internet
So close yet so far away
Two souls waiting to connect!

Then followed a customary Intro session. Thereafter began the open mike session where all the poets read out their poetry spanning several genres, styles and themes. Skand, in true roamtic style of the yesteryears shared a beautiful semi-ballad. Dr. Taher and his experiment with poetry forms blew us over. Rajshree, her powerful voice and her cause poetry stirred something within each of us. Mr. Prathamesh's few liners were not just funny, witty and poetic, but also great fillers. Also, Dolesh and his usual enthusiams, Radhika's inputs and comments, Manisha's wise words, thanks to her three year old association with caferati as well as a marvelous career in the filed of writing also lent the meeting a new charm!

The October meeting focussed more on discussing poetry. Everyone present had some wonderful suggestion. We will incorporate them soon.

The next meeting is scheduled for 8th of November, 2008 at 3:30PM at OPxford Bookstore, Churchgate! See you there! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008


The theme for the September contest was "Hasya Kavita/Funny poem" and the winner of the contest is .........................
EYES by Geetha

The Runners up is Lalu and Sonia's Nursery Rhymes by Ulhas Kavle

Look out for the October Contest !!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Crowned Poem replaces Poem of the Day

At the inception of the concept of highlighting good poems being posted on p4poetry, we decided to have a poem of the day. But as the website grew we felt the need to replace Poem of the Day with "Crowned Poem".

The two concepts are similar, albeit the frequency of poems being highlighted/put into limelight. Poem of the Day meant that every day our team would select the Best poem posted on the previous day and crown it. Instead of doing this act daily, the frequency from now on will be erratic. If on a said day 5 outstanding poems have been posted, all of them would be crowned. However if on a said day the poems are mediocre, no poem will be crowned.

The chnagehas been brought about to ensure that the best poems get crowned and if at all on a day two poems are good, both can share the limelight!!

Keep writing, your poems will get a Crowning Glory soon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No more Ad-free has begun showing advertisements.

We're sorry that we're no more an ad-free website, but to runa website, we did need finances to sustain and further ourselves.

We hope that all of you members will understand and will bear with the small block of ad showing up besides the poem.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Comment on comments

Sometimes, when you post comment and someone starts a discussion related to the comment posted by you, it gets very difficult to track the comments that are related or in repy to a preceeding comment. But Fikar not...

.....we are introducing the concept of "comments on the comment". Now you can reply to each comment separately by clicking on 'comment on this comment'. However, if your comment is not in reply to a preceeding comment, you can 'post it as a new comment' (like you used to do previously) and not as 'comment to this comment'.

Also, all the discussion on a comment will be shown as threaded together. So, it is easier to track who said what and in response to whose comment!

Saturday, September 13, 2008 Welcomes Vishvanand ji to the Team!

Hey guys,

The p4poetry Team just grew by another member! Thats a healthy sign that we are growing :)

He joins us as a " Moderator" and will help us in running the website

We welcome Vishvnand ji into the p4poetry Team! He is a truly passionate and one of our most dedicated member( sometimes he is online on the website per day more than us ! and makes it a point to come for our monthly Mumbai meets all the way from Pune adding a lot of magic to our meets with his soulful renditions of his poems)

A Hearty Congratulations, once again!
P4poetry team

And yes,as we continue growing...we will keep on adding "Moderators" in our team from the existing P4poetry members !

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"What's new" on p4poetry?

Change is the flavour of life. Did you want something new on p4poetry? Well, your wishes are our command.

Do you see new things on the website? Yes...? Spot on, so you spotted the new from the old! - Congrats!

Here's a brief about the updates-

1. Crowned Poem on the top side-bar.

Instead of the latest poems, now you can see a list of 5 latest crowned poems on the top side-bar. This was done to out the crowned poems in the limelight and make access to them easier.

2. See and read about the member whose poem you're reading

Click on any poem and you'll see the member picture and profile on the top-side bar. The perfect solution for the person-behind-he-poem-curiosity! So everyone, please update your profiles, for isn't it nice to share things about yourself, when you love to read about others?

Go here to update your profile -

3. The multiple news highlight is out, a slick news tab on top-side bar is in!

Out goes the pink news highlight on the website main page, in comes the slick news/update section. Redirect your mouse and your mind to the new tab on the side-bar for any update/news.

4. Direct link to the forum.

Now, instead of a text introducing the forum, you'll directly be taken to the forum page if you click on the forum tab.

Enjoy the new and improved!!

Test your Funny Bone - September Contest is OPEN!!

After four serious poetry contests, we decided to let your thoughts go crazy and explore the funny side of the poet in you!!

Yes, this September we're having a Funny poem/Hasya Kavita contest!

Check out the details here -
For past winners, go here -

For any queries, mail us at with 'contest query' in the subject line, or

Post in the forum, 'helping hand section' -

Friday, September 5, 2008

YOU can vote for the MEMBER-IN-SPOTLIGHT !!

Who said only the founder members have a say in who becomes the Member-in-Spotlight?! You do too!

For the month of September 2008, we're letting YOU Choose who you want to crown the Member-in-Spotlight! The member with maximum votes will be in spotlight for the whole of September 2008. You can also send in the questions you want to ask the Chosen member in spotlight once the voting results are out!

If you're clueless about Member-in-spotlight in the past, check this out -
To vote, go here -
Last date to Vote - 15th September.

This is your golden choice, for voting is your birth right at!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Winner for August 'Picture' Contest!

The August month saw a twist in the poetry contest. Instead of the usual themes we had a picture contest! The picture was of locked red door.

The key to the lock was sending an entry for the contest, ofcourse!!

Members had to interpret the picture and write a poem as per their interpretation and creative skills. The entries were fantastic!

The winner is - FAREWELL by Deepti

The Runner up is - Trapped by Apoorv, who was the Winner of our very first Poetry Contest held in April 2008!

Congrats to both the Winners and Thanks for all those who participated :)

Monday, August 18, 2008


We recieved an alarming mail from an American author today that one of P4poetry members had submitted a poem recently which violated her copyright.
She had published her work (an essay) in 2003 and had registered it with the US Copyrights and this poem published on p4poetry had lifted phrases straight from the essay ,in the same order and with the ending.This was an obvious violation.
According to US Copyright law, derivative works must contain a substantial amount of new material and must be different enough from the original to be considered new work. The new material must be original.
We were asked to remove the poem from the website otherwise the author was prepared to file a legal suit against the poet !!!!!!

We sent a warning mail to the concerned poet and he has removed the poem from our website.

This is to reiterate and also read through our Copyright policy again-please go through
Copyright policy
Please be very careful and make sure you are posting your original works and not copying/lifting fully/partially from anywhere !!!
Chances are that you would be caught- The world is VERY small on the internet !

Sunday, August 10, 2008

P4Poetry Meet At Oxford Book Store,Mumbai

P4Poetry Meet at Oxford Book Store- 3.30 pm
Featured Poet : Mr Neeraj Guru: P4poetry member from Bhopal

Amidst some train arrival and hotel booking confu
sion between the featured poet .....we were finally glad to see him at the Oxford Book Store at 3 pm !
And for a change,it wasnt raining in torrents like the past few was gently drizzling :)
And another change this time ....we had made A
3 size posters and put them up at Oxford Book Store(getting more professional each time-lol ! )Next time we plan to print more and put them up at some colleges/art places too .

Some of our all time regulars turned up- Sonesh( an award should go to him for attending all 4 poetry meets !! ) , Neerada,our last months featured poet,Dolesh,Kavi Kulwant(he came only 1/2 hr late this time-last time he turned up when the meet had ended ! ) and of course Vikash,Preeti and myself.Raj could not make it this time because of an urgent meeting.Vishvnandji also couldnt make it at the last minute becoming a victim to a viral fever

We started off with welcoming everybody and announcing briefly about P4poetry achievements: 21,259 visits till yesterday; 8967 unique visitors; 6,59,319 hits,1900 posts and nearly 5000 comments.Ab Yeh Desh Jala Do- the most visited poem with 897 visits and poet Vishvnand,the most visited poet with 585 visits

We started with an invocation of a few lines from the Sufi poet-Rumi's words and dedicated the session to Maya Angelou- reading out her awesome poem- " Still I Rise"

The session was interspersed with some great Hindi poems from Neeraj ji,Ramesh Sh
rivastav ji,Vikash,Kavi Kulwant and Rajendra Shah and some interesting English poems from Dolesh ,Neerada ,Preeti and ending with a humorous poem by myself to lighten up the atmosphere.

We decided that our next meet will have a theme-" Mumbai" or " My City" if there is a poet coming from any other city.
The next session will be same place,same time- 13th September; 3.30 pm at Oxford Book Store

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Peep Into Our 3rd Mumbai Poetry Meet ‘s July Meet- 12/07/08

Venue: Oxford Book Store
Next to KC College, Churchgate, Mumbai, 400021.

The third Mumbai gathering was a gathering with a difference – it was the first time we were meeting in South Mumbai at a new venue – the Oxford Book Store in their Cha Bar.
At 3.15pm we were a bit disconcerted as only 6 guests were present – Renu, Raj, Preeti ,Vishvanand ji and Mrs Gaitonde and another lady who had come for the first time.
In a few minutes, the Featured Poet – Neerada arrived and by 3.40pm the poetry meet started. Enthralled perhaps by Neerada’s poetry, the chairs began to fill and soon we had to request for additional chairs. In all, we had a record 26 participants! We also had reason to celebrate since we had just turned a family of 600 members !!!
We were also covered by the TV Channel-Mumbai News.

While some of our regulars like Sonesh, Dr Taher, Kavi Kulwant were of course present, it was delightful to meet in face poets like Shilpa Shastri who have posted often on site!

The meet ended sharp at 5pm after everyone had enjoyed over 20 poems read.
This meet was significant because of three very key reasons: Firstly, our first meet in South Mumbai thereby making the meets more geographically inclusive; secondly that it was the day the site got its first donation – from Dr. Taher – a Big Thank You Dr! (hint hint – pls click on the “Donate” button on the home page to support our efforts) and finally that we had over 18 new guests who visited and met us for the first time.
A very big thank you for the venue and the support to The Oxford Book Store and specially Sunita Sharma….
Permanent venue: The meet will now happen every 2nd Saturday of the month at The Oxford Book Store, near KC College…so hope to see you next time.

First Donation Received - Thanks Dr. Taher!!

Yesterday was an important day in the life of

One because we successfully held our third poetry meeting, our first at Oxford. We do hope to keep this association with Oxford bookstore for a longtime.

And secondly because we received our first donation, a $10 from Dr. Taher. We very thankful to him for being kind and making this donation. His contribution will be fruitfully used to further

Now, if you guys are wondering how to make the donation, it is rather simple.You might have seen the donate button on the right panel of the website. Click on it and you'll be directed to a new page where you can donate any amount in USD and do your bit for this common passion of Poetry that we share!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Add p4poetry poems on orkut

For those of you who don't know, orkut is a social networking website by google and its very popular among Indians. I'm going to tell you about adding p4poetry poems to your orkut profile. Whenever you post a poem at p4poetry, it will automatically show at your profile.

Now, you can add ONLY your poems or ONLY someone elses poems or ONLY hindi poetry or ALL recent poems. For this you need to know the feed link for desired section.

Here is how the feed links are assigned:

For ALL poems:

For any author:
Note: In author ID, spaces should be replaced by '-'.

Example: My user ID is admin. So, My feed link will be: Similarly, Renu's Id is 'Renu Rakheja'. So, her feed will be: (Note the - presence instead of space)

For any category:
Example: For 'Hindi Poetry' feed will be: (Again notice that the space is replaced by - ) Similarly, for podcasts, feed will be:

So, select your desired feed link.

  • Now, Login to orkut.
  • Click on Edit Aps. See the 1st pic.
  • You will see two tabs: 'My Applications' and 'MY feeds'
  • Click on 'My feeds'
  • Add the URL and then click Add.

  • Now blogger will ask you to type some distorted text to confirm you are a human. :) Type it correctly and you are done.
  • The p4poetry poems will show in your profile now. Under Apps section.

You can also add as your homepage. People will directly come to your author page. (And don't forget to replace the space,if any, by the '-' ).

You may also like to add p4poetry poems in gmail. Read this link for details:

Let the passion spread.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Website Abuse

We have been noticing inappropriate online behaviour on P4poetry.
- Duplicate registered id's from the same IP address which are doing a rating abuse
- Duplicate registered id's from the same IP address increasing comments and ratings only on selected poet's work which happens to be the registered poet from that same IP address

We strongly urge all our members to strictly adhere to website protocols and immediately delete the duplicate id's .

If it still continues we will not have any option but to ban these IP addresses

Monday, June 23, 2008

recording mp3 files using Audacity

There are several web tutorial already available. So, I will not waste time in writing those things again. Instead, I'll give you a links which will help you in learning the audio editing using audacity.

And here is an Youtube video:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Subscribe to followup comments Now

When you comment on a poem then you always want to know if someone commented on your comment. But, if you comment on 10 poems a day then it becomes very difficult to keep track of all the comments on a poem, if you are not the poem author. So, now I came up with a solution. You can subscribe to all followup comments.

You just need to check the option below the comment box. (In red rectangle). Let me know any feedback about this feature by commenting on this post.

Monday, June 16, 2008

We were featured on CNN IBN Lokmat

Our last Poetry Meeting held in Mumbai on 7th June, 2008 was recorded by CNN IBN's Marathi channel IBN Lokmat by their cute and bubbly reporter Priyanka Desai. Watch the video here. Don't forget to leave your comments! :D


If you’re a poet and you don’t have an audience, then you need no worry cause there is a new website on the internet known as

@Sanket: You should always dream

@Vijay Anand ji: My poems are dear to me, but they’re a headache for others.
My poems are dear to me, but they’re a headache for others.
Despite of knowing it, this man still fails to understand the same.

@Priyanaka Desai (reporter): No matter how your poem is, there is no dearth of an audience here, for this is p4poetry means ‘passion for poetry’ which was started by ‘P’ for Preeti and ‘R’ for Renu.

@Preeti Datar: First I shared my poems with friends. They said ‘why do you write poems, it’s so boring’. We guys listen to Britney Spears and you sit there with a notebook and write poems. Then on, instead of telling them to read my poems, I posted them on an American Poetry website.

@Priyanaka Desai (reporter): That’s where she met Renu who used to live in New Delhi.

@Renu: Slowly, slowly, she (preeti) started commenting on my poems and I on hers. We became each others’ fans.

@Preeti: Then we started a community on orkut known as ‘Mumbai Poetry..nah…Poetree’ to see how many members were actually interested in poetry.

@Priyanaka Desai (reporter): Now the stakes have got bigger and this small group has started a poetry website with the name!

You can read thousands of poems here and if an original idea is in your mind, then it’s easy. Just login, click on post a poem icon and you can post your poem. You can also get a poetry meeting hosted in your own city via this website. For the moment this poetry crazy bunch has made ‘Pause’ a wine lounge in Bandra as their hang-out.

@Preeti: Completely, there are grandfathers, pediatricians, marketing people, someone who has just given 10th board, accountants, businessmen etc and we have a lot of diverse members. It’s nice cause everyone posts their own unique poem.

@Priyanaka Desai (reporter): Poems bring poets in the mood and sometimes these poets make songs out of their own poems.

With cameraman Omprakash, this is Priyanka Desai for IBN Lokmat from Mumbai.

Add p4poetry logo to your blog

Note: Works only for * blogs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Requirements for podcast

Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting using the Internet. For a poet, it can be a nice way to recite their poem in his/her own voice and share it with people around the globe.

Podcasting takes its name from a combination of “iPod” and broadcasting. iPod is the immensely popular digital audio player by Apple computer, but podcasting does not actually require the use of an iPod.

For podcasting, you need not be a tech expert. A normal person who knows how to browse web can easily learn podcasting in few minutes.

Podcasting involves three steps:
  • Recording your poem. (Or whatever)
  • Uploading it on web.
  • Distributing it via feed or embeding it in a webpage.
All the steps are easy, which we will discuss later. First, lets list out the requirements for podcasting.
  • Hardware Requirement: A computer with a microphone. (If you don't have a microphone, you can buy a headphone+microphone in about 200 Rs.)
  • Software Requirement:You will need a software to record your voice. Although, there is a 'sound recorder' already present in windows (at start->All Programs ->Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound recorder), I'll recommend a better software with more editing capability.

    Audacity is the best free recording software I've seen so far. So, My recommendation for you is to download audacity. It can be downloaded by clicking here. Install audacity by clicking on the downloaded file and following instructions.

    In order to save your recorded file as mp3, you will also need a special file called lame_enc.dll. Download the zip file here. (The LAME encoder plugin will be a zip file. You will need to use a utility like winzip or other unzip program to uncompress the LAME files to a folder on your hard drive. It's best to save these files in the same directory that you stored the Audacity files.)

    Install the LAME MP3 encoder plugin - In order to save your audio files in MP3 format, Audacity needs to know where the LAME MP3 plugin is. Follow the steps below:
    • Open Audacity
    • Select Edit-->Preferences from the menu bar
    • Select the File Formats tab
    • In the MP3 Export Setup box select the Find Library button. This will ask you if you want to locate the LAME encoder. Select the Yes button.
    • In the dialogue box navigate to the folder where you stored the unzipped LAME files. You will need to locate and select the lame-enc.dll file.
    • Select the OK button to complete the process.

  • Web Requirement: After you record your poem (I'll tell you in detail how. Right now I'm just making sure if you have all the requirements), you will need some space on web to upload your recorded file. Although there are several free/paid web hosts available, our esteemed p4poetry users should not worry about it. We have enough space on our server to host all poetry podcasts for our users. So, you pass this requirement if you have a p4poetry user ID. We provide this service for free.
Hope you all are ready with everything. Next time, I'll tell you about recording podcasts using audacity. :)

Most Visited

Most Visited Poems
Most Visited Poets Pages

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Have Been Crowned !

If you see a 'Crown" next to a poem ,it simply means that the poem has been crowned as the "Poem Of the Day" by P4poetry.
The Poem of the Day is chosen by P4poetry team depending on the number of visits on the poem,comments and ratings on the poem and its originality,language,rythm/meter and the flow of ideas.

Write poems and Comment in 8 Indian Languages

Now You can write in 8 different Indian languages right from our 'Post a poem' linkto 'post a comment' link.

Look at the picture below. This is the improved version of our editor. It includes an option to select languages. If you are facing any problem in typing then you can always click on 'अ?' button and consult the corresponding keyboard :)

Same is true for comments also. You can select any language. Coming back to English (default language) is as easy. Just press F12 key.

So, start posting your poems and comments in your own language and in your own script. Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu - Lets rock together! ;)

Drop a comment here to tell me how much u like or dislike the feature!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

P4Poetry June Meet- A Celebration !

The Gods seemed to be blessing our meet.
Mumbai was deluged with rains 3 days ahead of its schedule from Saturday morning.
We were getting calls from nervous members if the poetry meet was still on and we assured them that even if we get one member attending,we would still go ahead with the meet.

And despite the heavy rains,we got an audience of 17 !
The featured poet of the month/May contest Winner -VishVnand ,came all the way from Pune to attend the meeting and reached 1/2 hr before time.

We started off with a short brief about the past month and with the announcement that we were now a proud family of 500 poets !!!!

Everybody briefly introduced themselves and then the mike was passed on to the featured poet for a 30 minute poetry reading.He kept us enthralled with his awesome poetry/geets and everybody was stunned that he had all his poems by his heart....

Most of the members who had come for the 1st poetry meet could not make it either bcoz of rain or being out of town except Sonesh,Dolesh and Ravi.We had a new member-Sanket who writes in 7 languages including French ! Apporv,winner of the April contest was luckily in town and could join us. Apart from that we also had aparna and ritesh, two very new members joining us!

Everybody read out a poem each.The prize for the most enthusiastic member went to Dolesh who could not suppress his suggestions and excitement.He is incidentally our youngest member also :)

We were very happy the way the meeting went.The 1st one had been a bit unstructured and our intros itself had taken 45 mins.This time I had taken the baton to be "The Firm One" :) and made sure that we kept to our agenda.

CNN IBN Lokmat recorded the whole meet and will be airing it in the coming week . Will keep everybody posted on the date/time.For those who couldnt make it...this will be the chance to catch it !

Friday, June 6, 2008

FEATURE : Getting around (June 2008)

How do I update my profile?
1. Login to your account
2. Click on edit profile and begin updating it.

How do I view all my poems/all poems by a particular poet?
1. Login to your account
2. Click on all poets and click on your username to view all your poems
3. Or, click on the username of the person whose poem you wish to read

How do I post a poem?
1. Login to your account
2. Click on Post a poem
3. Type the poem title/Text/Choose a label/add tags
4. Click on publish
5. To save the poem and edit it(without publishing it), click save

I’ve posted a poem but it hasn’t showed up yet, why so?
While posting the poem you may have hit the save button instead of publish, and hence your poem isn’t showing up.

How do I edit a poem?
1. Login to your account
2. Go to Edit/delete a poem
3. Find your poem and click on it
4. At the edit page hit publish

How do I type in Hindi?
1. Login to your account
2. Go to Post a poem/comment upon a poem
3. Refer to the keyboard by clicking 'show keyboard' and start typing!

You can also find the previous tutorial here

How to post a pod cast?
Find the tutorial here

How do I register for Poetry Meet?
Go here to register for Poetry Meet

I want to conduct a poetry meet in my city. Help!
Go to Poetry Meet page for the details to conduct a meeting in your city

What is the eligibility for the contest?
1. You must be a registered member of
2. You can submit a Hindi/English poem
3. The poem must be as per the contest theme
4. Only one poem per user is permitted
5. Go here to submit the poem.
6. Rules may vary from contest to contest.

I want to contribute to What can I do?
You can contribute to p4poetry by-
1. Posting your poems/pod casts (audio poems)
2. Commenting and rating on poems posted by other members
3. Taking part in contests
4. Interacting with members on the forum
5. Sending in your comment and suggestions
6. Inviting more people to p4poetry
7. Attending poetry meets
8. Contributing poems/articles/thoughts for the newsletter
9. Arranging Poetry Meeting in your city
10. And lastly, by sticking to the net etiquette

How do I get to know the fellow members?
As you begin posting poems and commenting, fellow members will start to recognize your id. You can get to know them better via forum/comments/poetry meets.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Website and Forum Updates

One fine morning you log in on with the usual poems and comments to catch up with, but you’re pleasantly surprised. The things suddenly have heated up…what can it be?! For starters, our admin, Vikash is back from his vacation, and he’s back with a bang! As for the other exciting changes that you’re seeing around, read on-


The website sidebar now has three new additions-

1. Edit profile link –

Many of your users were facing trouble in updating their profile. It’s easy now.
Just login and click on the edit profile link on the side-bar.
You can update your profile information, password, e-mail id, website url, gmail/jabber url, display picture etc.

2. All poet’s list –

Just login to your account and click on ‘all poets’ to see complete list of registered poets on
You will the display names of all the registered members and number of poems posted by them. Clicking on the members name you can view all the poems posted by a particular poet.
If you wish to read poems by a particular poet, you can subscribe to his/her poetry feed in any feed reader that you use that clicking on an icon beside the member name.
The members who have not posted any poems have been excluded from this all poets list.

3. Donate button- is a poetry website by poetry lovers and for poetry lovers. As you can see, our membership is free and our website if also ad-free. Thus, at the moment we do not have any source of income.
But if you’re reading this (we assume you’re a poetry lover) and you’re feeling blessed, you can further this poetry revolution by clicking on the yellow button that reads ‘donate’.
Once there, you can donate generously and be rest assured that even your one contribution will be a giant leap for poem kind!

4. Format issues resolved

Minor changes were made to the website layout especially the side-bar, the top bar and the bottom bar so that the website looks neater!


The forum is not just active; it’s also got new features-

1. Private Messaging (PM)

You can send a private message to any member on the forum.
Locate the ‘PM this user’ link under the members name and get private talking.
Do ensure that you maintain net etiquette while sending a private message even though you and the message receiver will be the only one’s reading it.
To access your private messages click on ‘you have __ PM’ (top of the forum) located on each thread on the forum.

2. Avatar
Express yourself by uploading you forum avatar. A forum avatar is nothing but a small image (still or animated) which will show up with every post of your in the forum.
Simply click on your user id when on the forum, find a tab called ‘avatar’, browse your computer for the avatar you wish to upload and click upload avatar.
Voila! You now have a face on the forum.

3. Signature

Express yourself through words/hyperlinks via forum signature.
You can click on your user id when on the forum, find the ‘edit’ tab and type/add a hyperlink under the signature space.
Your signature will also accompany every forum post of yours. Consider it a body!
So if you have an avatar and a signature updated, you have a head and a body to depict yourself!!

4. Polls

Include polls with your forum topics so that members with crunch time on the forum can also express their opinion on threads simply by voting!
Anyone can add a poll and not just the thread starter.
Get asking…cause this is the best way to ensure maximum members reply get involved in your discussion!

Monday, June 2, 2008

You can't forget category now

I was looking at the poem listing and then I realized that people often forget to select a category for their poems. At this point of time, we have 444 poems categorized as 'english poetry' and 225 poems as 'Hindi poetry'. And a total of 221 poems are uncategorized. It made me wonder if people actually remember to categorize their poems while posting them.

Categorizing is important because it helps other people find your poems. But we all are humans. We forget. So, I added something new to our website. Now, when you click 'Publish' button after typing out your poem, you will get a reminder to add a category if you haven't already done that.

Happy categorizing...!!! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

दैनिक भास्कर के अन्य अंको में हमारी चर्चा

दैनिक भास्कर के इंदौर, जयपुर, जालंधर और रायपुर अंक मे हमरे वेबसाइट की चर्चा...

इंदौर अंक

जयपुर अंक

जालंधर अंक

रायपुर अंक

चंडीगढ़ अंक

Monday, May 12, 2008

p4poetry FORUM

How many of you noticed a link called 'forum' on top-right corner when you're viewing your dashboard? Well, if you did notice it, kudos to your curiosity and noticing power. If you didn't, well don't worry for until now, the forum was in its testing stage.

Today we formally open 'p4poetry forum'. The forum is pretty basic at the moment with sub-sections for member intros, suggestions & comments, rules, member queries, poetry meeting, poetry and general discussion, games and quotes. In the coming weeks we will be expanding the forum and making it more user friendly.

As soon as you visit the forum, introduce yourself here. Do not forget to read about getting around on the forum. Also read the code of conduct and stay tuned for upcoming poetry meets.

If you have any questions/queries, kindly post them here. Your query shall be answered at the earliest. But before posting your question, kindly go through all the topics under the 'Helping hand' sub-section to ensure that a similar query has been answered or not.

See you at the forum.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Peek Into Our 1st Poetry Meet !!

DATE : 10/05
VENUE : Pause Lounge on Hill Road,Bandra,Mumbai
TIME : 4.30-7.30 pm
Attended by 16 members of P4poetry

We went to the venue with a lot of trepidation.What if nobody turns up? What if some weirdo turns up who might ruin the whole meeting...etc etc.
But we were all in for a big surprise.Every single person who had signed up came !! Thats like a rare thing in a city like Mumbai.
Obviously the passion for poetry was the driving factor !! And the same passion made virtual strangers into a close knit group who chatted,exchanged poetry,appreciated and left with a great feeling in the heart .The diversity in the group was amazing....we had a bunch which included a couple of paediatricians,chemical engineers,a scientist, a published poet from Assam, a professor ,a sales professional ,a few students-the youngest one in Class X !

The poem that Dr Vaidyanathan wrote says it all :)


We came, we met, we drank and we ate

The idea of a poetry meet was indeed great

On a hot afternoon, a cool, welcome break

Most came early, some arrived a trifle late

Renu, Raj, Vikash and Preeti, thanks a lot

For letting us know what talent we’ve got,

Young and old mixed and blended together

Who says poetry in India has gone to rot?

Cool, comforting, flowing with words so bright

As we agreed “Who decides what is wrong or right?

Let your thoughts flow, learn to open your heart

Let your poems loose, like a colorful, wild kite.

Ends justify the means, but here there is no end,

Poets remember, to the rules of writing, don’t bend,

Pour your feelings out, don’t bother where it goes

Let’s hope p4poetry starts a brand new trend


A big thank you from the p4poetry to ALL the participants who came for the meet and made it a success !!

Look out for the next meeting notice on the site !!

Who else is talking about the Poetry Meet? - DR. Taher. Check it out on his blog

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Post poems in Indian Languages

There are many ways to post your poems in the Indian languages. One of the easiest is to use google transliteration service. Main reason being you don't need to know how to type. You just write in roman(english key strokes) and google changes it in Hindi (or other language).

Hard to beleive? See i for yourself-

Click here

This is how transliterate main page looks

As you type in english alphabets, the transliterate will keep converting it into hindi (or other desired language)

Sometimes words do not appear accurately in hindi, especially the matras. In such a case, click on the word that appears wrong and choose the appropriate one from the drop down list.

For further help, refer to the helping hand sub-section in the forum.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Like it? Share it with others!

Have you noticed a small block below every poem on

This block can be used to share and bookmark your favorite poems, on your favorite book marking site and with your favorite friends. Starting with the first icon, you can bookmark a poem at, Digg, Facerbook, Google, Myspace, Technorati and Yahoo! The last icon in the block is to mail the poem to anyone. Ain't it cool?

And this is not it. If you feel that your favorite bookmarking site is missing, you might be mistaken. Click on the "more" link. And you will a box with a flood of bookmarking site like this:

Now, click on your favorite bookmarking site and roll!

I highly recommend 'Email This to a Friend'. If you've read something nice, it always feels good to share it with friends. Doesn't it?!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

दैनिक भास्कर के भोपाल अंक में चर्चा

हमारे वेबसाइट की चर्चा आज दैनिक भास्कर के भोपाल अंक में की गई है. :) DNA में प्रकाशित समाचार की ई-प्रति भी आज मुझे देखने को मिली. उसे यहाँ पढ़ा जा सकता है.

April Contest Results Announced

And the winner is: Apoorva (Details & other poems)

For his poem: FORGOTTEN……FORSAKEN LANDS (Read it here)

Congrats Apoorva! We hope that you will be active on our site as always.

Friday, May 2, 2008

April Traffic Data

Google Analytics Report:
  • 2,957 visits came from 37 countries/territories
  • 21,013 pageviews
  • 12,973 Unique Views
  • 7.11 pages/visit
  • 11:04 Avg time on site
  • 48.60% New Visits
ShortStats (since 3rd Apr 2008, 12:36):
  • Unique hits: 2933
  • Total Hits: 80236

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shhhhh! They are Talking about us.

I woke up and as a routine checked my mail. It was early morning and I was wondering how on earth these many new members registered today. And then came Renu's sms with the reason. DNA published and article about us. Looks like media is also noticing. :) Except my personal crib that they mixed my name with Preeti's surname (Notice the red line in the image), everything looks fantastic.

Indian express also mentioned us 2 weeks back. In case you missed that, you can check it here. (Refer to the closing para of the article for thats where they talked about us)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

P4poetry Poems in Your Gmail

Simple steps:
  • Login into Gmail.
  • Click on Settings (on top-right of your screen).
  • Click on Web Clips Tab.
  • Check Show my web clips above the Inbox, if not alreadfy checked.
  • In Search by topic or URL Add this address:
  • Click on ADD button.
In this way latest poems of p4poetry website will appear on your gmail clip bar, as shown in the pic.

If you want to see poems only by a particular author, say admin. Then the address will be:

If you want to see poems in a particular category only, say podcast. Then the address will be:

In this way you won't get any mails and still can see the poems from your mailbox. If you want the poems in your mailbox then you can simply go to subscribe page:

Friday, April 18, 2008

100 in 18 days.......

Hey Guys,

The passion just crossed a milestone of 100!
Just 18 days from the launch and we already have 100 members!!

Since yesterday Renu had been sending us messages on gtalk stating the memeber count! It's like counting someone's last breath, albeit with excitement ;) It felt like we'd choke with excitement when we reach 100!

And boy, did we?!

The smile on my face extends for a mile. I think I'll have to get used to maintaining this smile and enthu for this is just the beginning, and a great one!

Renu, I'm waiting for you to message me on gtalk about the milestone :) I know you want to :P even thought we all are aware of it!

Sorry Vikash, for being woken up just to sms all the members and for adding the flash on the website main page.

And Raj, I hope you've heard the news too! How weirdly are you behaving?

I'm smiling and the office guys can't make out why. When they check my computer screen they seen a crimson poetry website and comment, 'Ah! the usual!' Like they even know....

Congrats to each one......10 May will be a huge celebration!!


PS - Can someone help me tone down my excitement metre? *innocently*

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get together

All four of us met at R&R's place this sunday. We discussed many website related things and slices from our lives. We dropped some ideas, thought of some new ones - ya! In one word, it was 'productive'.

We decided to have a poetry meeting in Mumbai on the 10th of next month. So, if you are in Mumbai, come and join us. Details can be found on our website: I should thank Preeti for creating the page without bugging me :D

And ya! The wonderful dinner we had at Raj n Renu's place was delicious. I hope we keep meeting at their place ;)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

So much to catch up with....and celebrate!

It feels great when your plans begin to take shape on this Earth (fine....cyberworld!!) We all shared a common dream of promoting poems and with Renu's inputs as our initial foundation, everything else just fell into place. And then, our baby was born!!

Vikash was a proud mother (haha) after delivering this new kid to the cyber world! He has sleepless nights-still does- but his passion for poetry drives him all the way!!

Renu and Raj despite their busy schedules gave in their inputs while working on PR. Renu, truly thanks to you for initialising this whole process!! And Raj, despite your silence, thanks for being their and passing on your inputs through Renu :D!

And I, wish I could say I was there all the time! Having no technical skills unlike Vikash, and being busier than Raj and Renu thanks to my graduation exams, I just got in my suggestions for the overall website. But I was elated to work on the forum and be my own boss, after all, like some would say, I'm the mother of forums!!

Now that exams are over, and I have time, I realized I have so much to catch up with...the baby is suddenly not such a baby....its actually completed its half century! (no. of members!) It's like mising out on the first few days...but hey, its never too late to catch up, is it?!! - which is what I'm doing, witha little help from Renu, raj and Vikash :D

Where's the PARTY yaar?!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Half century post

  • Our 5oth user just registered.
  • Yesterday we got about 380 page views. and the day before 892.
  • The day we launched, we got 98 absolute unique visitors.
  • Average time spent per user is 10 minuets.
  • 54 visitors spent more than half an hour time.
  • 159 spent more than 10 minutes.
  • We have 50 visitors who visited more than 25 times.
  • 29 visitors saw more than 20 pages.
  • 91 visitors saw more than 10 pages.
  • We got visitors from 14 different countries.
  • 3 people visited from United Arab Emirates and spent 22:30 minutes on avg.
  • People from Italy spent 15:04 minutes per user and saw 10.5 pages on avg.
  • Indians visited 6.3 pages/visit and spent 11:30 minutes on avg.
  • Total page views: 3584.
  • Unique page views: 2194
Not bad for starters. Eh???

All thanks to our visitors and users.

We rely on google analytics for these data.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


itne saare log
itni saaree khayaal
itni saree mulakaatein
itne saare posts
itni saari baatein

par ek hi josh
Kaavya kaa josh

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I feel like a novice swimmer carried out to the deep sea with the power of Renu and Vikash and Prreti's tide.....

But i think the site is good and it will rock for sure...
And amazingly, though I have been insanely busy...I am now finding the time to write poetry once again!


We have done it !

Raj was full of ideas when I was moving to Mumbai ......from opening hair cut/massage salons at the airport to launching a couple of websites- poetry n another one...but obviously ,poetry being a passion.....a poetry website was closest to my heart......
After a couple of months of getting used to a new environ.....I got restless. It would be so nice to start a poetry community in the one I had in Delhi....I wasnt sure how to begin since I didnt know anybody in the I thought lets make a community on orkut and see what kind of a response i get there....
Well...didnt get a great response....but it was the starting point for our website.
Our 1st meet was attended by only two people...Vikash,Shravan+ Raj n myself......
Age difference melted bcoz of our obvious passion for poetry.....and we were blown by their IT finesse.And when they voiced about starting our own website.....voila ! thats what we also wanted.

The next meet we had was just the 3 of us.....Vikash,Raj n I .And over coffee ,we registered our domain.
The next day,Vikas told me to go to our site and we already had a skeleton !!!

Its one thing to dream
One thing to talk
Another to get on with it and do it ,
And thats what we did !!

Vikash has been awesome....absolutely awesome.He has designed everything singlehandedly.
I am sure I must have irritated him a lot with my constant suggestions etc

Preeti blew our minds with the forum.
Preets....come,we are waiting for you to give it a push :-)

Our membership in 2 days is already more than that of Mumbai Poetree ....and it feels so good !!!

Theres going to be a lot of work as our membership increases but its going to be worth it.
Its like seeing our own baby grow .

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Launch of a dream

Well! was almost a dream just before today. At times, I doubted myself. I was not sure if I can handle a real task like this. But finally! Its in shape now.

If you are a newbie techie then you might say that all I did is to take wordpress codes and plugins. (this is what I was thinking before I actually started working). But, once you actually start doing it, you will realize that even searching for the right plugins, assembling them, customizing them according to your needs is a huge task.

I'm crazy about two things: computers, specially web and poetry. So, you can imagine how crazy I was about developing Sometimes I sat with my computer straight for 16 hours. Sleepless nights(dreams about a new feature) , impatient afternoons, busy weekends...It was all worth it. :)

I thought that I'll take a break just after launching. I'm worried if we will get good enough response or not. That is it from my side.

Raj and Preeti were pretty busy for last few weeks. But, its amazing how they managed to keep track of everything. I hope we all will see Raj's draft of press release soon enough. And Preeti's work for the p4poetry forum was...umm...No words. I'll say she is the mother of it.

I don't want to say anything about Renu. All we talked for last few months is about p4poetry. Everytime she had a new idea. How can she think so much about it? well! she herself will write someday about it.

Hoping to get good response.

~ Vikash

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hello World!

Hello all!

Last night, we registered our domain name And today I've started playing with it. I thought it will be nice to have a blog of our own so that after few years when we are established enough (optimism), we can look back and see how our initial days were. (Futuristic nostalgia)

~ Vikash