Friday, April 18, 2008

100 in 18 days.......

Hey Guys,

The passion just crossed a milestone of 100!
Just 18 days from the launch and we already have 100 members!!

Since yesterday Renu had been sending us messages on gtalk stating the memeber count! It's like counting someone's last breath, albeit with excitement ;) It felt like we'd choke with excitement when we reach 100!

And boy, did we?!

The smile on my face extends for a mile. I think I'll have to get used to maintaining this smile and enthu for this is just the beginning, and a great one!

Renu, I'm waiting for you to message me on gtalk about the milestone :) I know you want to :P even thought we all are aware of it!

Sorry Vikash, for being woken up just to sms all the members and for adding the flash on the website main page.

And Raj, I hope you've heard the news too! How weirdly are you behaving?

I'm smiling and the office guys can't make out why. When they check my computer screen they seen a crimson poetry website and comment, 'Ah! the usual!' Like they even know....

Congrats to each one......10 May will be a huge celebration!!


PS - Can someone help me tone down my excitement metre? *innocently*

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