Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get together

All four of us met at R&R's place this sunday. We discussed many website related things and slices from our lives. We dropped some ideas, thought of some new ones - ya! In one word, it was 'productive'.

We decided to have a poetry meeting in Mumbai on the 10th of next month. So, if you are in Mumbai, come and join us. Details can be found on our website: http://p4poetry.com/poetry-meet/. I should thank Preeti for creating the page without bugging me :D

And ya! The wonderful dinner we had at Raj n Renu's place was delicious. I hope we keep meeting at their place ;)


Preeti Datar said...
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Preeti Datar said...

.....soch lo...at this rate i'll beat you at codins!! Why should only engineers steal our jobs? I can steal your too! - if you help me practice (ahem ahem!)