Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Launch of a dream

Well! p4poetry.com was almost a dream just before today. At times, I doubted myself. I was not sure if I can handle a real task like this. But finally! Its in shape now.

If you are a newbie techie then you might say that all I did is to take wordpress codes and plugins. (this is what I was thinking before I actually started working). But, once you actually start doing it, you will realize that even searching for the right plugins, assembling them, customizing them according to your needs is a huge task.

I'm crazy about two things: computers, specially web and poetry. So, you can imagine how crazy I was about developing p4poetry.com. Sometimes I sat with my computer straight for 16 hours. Sleepless nights(dreams about a new feature) , impatient afternoons, busy weekends...It was all worth it. :)

I thought that I'll take a break just after launching. I'm worried if we will get good enough response or not. That is it from my side.

Raj and Preeti were pretty busy for last few weeks. But, its amazing how they managed to keep track of everything. I hope we all will see Raj's draft of press release soon enough. And Preeti's work for the p4poetry forum was...umm...No words. I'll say she is the mother of it.

I don't want to say anything about Renu. All we talked for last few months is about p4poetry. Everytime she had a new idea. How can she think so much about it? well! she herself will write someday about it.

Hoping to get good response.

~ Vikash

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Preeti Datar said...

Mother of FORUMS??!!