Saturday, April 5, 2008

So much to catch up with....and celebrate!

It feels great when your plans begin to take shape on this Earth (fine....cyberworld!!) We all shared a common dream of promoting poems and with Renu's inputs as our initial foundation, everything else just fell into place. And then, our baby was born!!

Vikash was a proud mother (haha) after delivering this new kid to the cyber world! He has sleepless nights-still does- but his passion for poetry drives him all the way!!

Renu and Raj despite their busy schedules gave in their inputs while working on PR. Renu, truly thanks to you for initialising this whole process!! And Raj, despite your silence, thanks for being their and passing on your inputs through Renu :D!

And I, wish I could say I was there all the time! Having no technical skills unlike Vikash, and being busier than Raj and Renu thanks to my graduation exams, I just got in my suggestions for the overall website. But I was elated to work on the forum and be my own boss, after all, like some would say, I'm the mother of forums!!

Now that exams are over, and I have time, I realized I have so much to catch up with...the baby is suddenly not such a baby....its actually completed its half century! (no. of members!) It's like mising out on the first few days...but hey, its never too late to catch up, is it?!! - which is what I'm doing, witha little help from Renu, raj and Vikash :D

Where's the PARTY yaar?!!

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