Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We have done it !

Raj was full of ideas when I was moving to Mumbai ......from opening hair cut/massage salons at the airport to launching a couple of websites- poetry n another one...but obviously ,poetry being a passion.....a poetry website was closest to my heart......
After a couple of months of getting used to a new environ.....I got restless. It would be so nice to start a poetry community in the one I had in Delhi....I wasnt sure how to begin since I didnt know anybody in the I thought lets make a community on orkut and see what kind of a response i get there....
Well...didnt get a great response....but it was the starting point for our website.
Our 1st meet was attended by only two people...Vikash,Shravan+ Raj n myself......
Age difference melted bcoz of our obvious passion for poetry.....and we were blown by their IT finesse.And when they voiced about starting our own website.....voila ! thats what we also wanted.

The next meet we had was just the 3 of us.....Vikash,Raj n I .And over coffee ,we registered our domain.
The next day,Vikas told me to go to our site and we already had a skeleton !!!

Its one thing to dream
One thing to talk
Another to get on with it and do it ,
And thats what we did !!

Vikash has been awesome....absolutely awesome.He has designed everything singlehandedly.
I am sure I must have irritated him a lot with my constant suggestions etc

Preeti blew our minds with the forum.
Preets....come,we are waiting for you to give it a push :-)

Our membership in 2 days is already more than that of Mumbai Poetree ....and it feels so good !!!

Theres going to be a lot of work as our membership increases but its going to be worth it.
Its like seeing our own baby grow .


Preeti Datar said...

You're right!! It's wonderful to watch the baby grow :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are really great.... and talented!

An Old Friend - TO