Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Like it? Share it with others!

Have you noticed a small block below every poem on

This block can be used to share and bookmark your favorite poems, on your favorite book marking site and with your favorite friends. Starting with the first icon, you can bookmark a poem at, Digg, Facerbook, Google, Myspace, Technorati and Yahoo! The last icon in the block is to mail the poem to anyone. Ain't it cool?

And this is not it. If you feel that your favorite bookmarking site is missing, you might be mistaken. Click on the "more" link. And you will a box with a flood of bookmarking site like this:

Now, click on your favorite bookmarking site and roll!

I highly recommend 'Email This to a Friend'. If you've read something nice, it always feels good to share it with friends. Doesn't it?!

1 comment:

Preeti Datar said...

Whoa! That's a great TIP!
Thanks for letting us know about the use of that innocent looking box :D