Monday, May 12, 2008

p4poetry FORUM

How many of you noticed a link called 'forum' on top-right corner when you're viewing your dashboard? Well, if you did notice it, kudos to your curiosity and noticing power. If you didn't, well don't worry for until now, the forum was in its testing stage.

Today we formally open 'p4poetry forum'. The forum is pretty basic at the moment with sub-sections for member intros, suggestions & comments, rules, member queries, poetry meeting, poetry and general discussion, games and quotes. In the coming weeks we will be expanding the forum and making it more user friendly.

As soon as you visit the forum, introduce yourself here. Do not forget to read about getting around on the forum. Also read the code of conduct and stay tuned for upcoming poetry meets.

If you have any questions/queries, kindly post them here. Your query shall be answered at the earliest. But before posting your question, kindly go through all the topics under the 'Helping hand' sub-section to ensure that a similar query has been answered or not.

See you at the forum.

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