Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Peek Into Our 1st Poetry Meet !!

DATE : 10/05
VENUE : Pause Lounge on Hill Road,Bandra,Mumbai
TIME : 4.30-7.30 pm
Attended by 16 members of P4poetry

We went to the venue with a lot of trepidation.What if nobody turns up? What if some weirdo turns up who might ruin the whole meeting...etc etc.
But we were all in for a big surprise.Every single person who had signed up came !! Thats like a rare thing in a city like Mumbai.
Obviously the passion for poetry was the driving factor !! And the same passion made virtual strangers into a close knit group who chatted,exchanged poetry,appreciated and left with a great feeling in the heart .The diversity in the group was amazing....we had a bunch which included a couple of paediatricians,chemical engineers,a scientist, a published poet from Assam, a professor ,a sales professional ,a few students-the youngest one in Class X !

The poem that Dr Vaidyanathan wrote says it all :)


We came, we met, we drank and we ate

The idea of a poetry meet was indeed great

On a hot afternoon, a cool, welcome break

Most came early, some arrived a trifle late

Renu, Raj, Vikash and Preeti, thanks a lot

For letting us know what talent we’ve got,

Young and old mixed and blended together

Who says poetry in India has gone to rot?

Cool, comforting, flowing with words so bright

As we agreed “Who decides what is wrong or right?

Let your thoughts flow, learn to open your heart

Let your poems loose, like a colorful, wild kite.

Ends justify the means, but here there is no end,

Poets remember, to the rules of writing, don’t bend,

Pour your feelings out, don’t bother where it goes

Let’s hope p4poetry starts a brand new trend


A big thank you from the p4poetry to ALL the participants who came for the meet and made it a success !!

Look out for the next meeting notice on the site !!

Who else is talking about the Poetry Meet? - DR. Taher. Check it out on his blog


Debanjan Sen said...

heyy! nice pics!! cud u mail these and other ones to our mails plz??

Preeti Datar said...

The meeting rocked! The response was better than we expected! See you guys at the next meeting. Stay tuned for the announcement :)

drtaher said...

Dear Raj, Renuka, Preeti and the webbie Vikash,

Thank you all for making the first meet a memorable one. For those reading this entry and viewing the pictures, are you all feeling green because you all weren't there, and I was? Well, why not contact the admins to arrange a meet in your town/city?

I read two poems, and most others who were present read at least one, if not more, poems. The meeting was sponsored by the admins, and for this, a BIG thank you to all the admins, once again!

Although I had coffee, I can tell you that the admins offered nearly the moon ... including wine, as you can all see in the pics. I am the one chopping with my hands in one of the pictures.

dolesh said...

i think it was my pleasure to attend this meeting and i would like to salute respected raj, renu, preete and ofcourse our web master vikash. really that day i came ti know writing poem is not bad habit but the best in the world and i am waiting for the next one. once thanks. and pls email this pic to my mail(

Apoorv said...

It seems like the meet was a big hit.... i regret it so very much that i had to be out of town.Anyways... maybe next time.....

drtaher said...

I have posted an account of the meet from my perspective on my Blog. Access it here:

ruby said...

Hi everybody,
I know I am late in commenting on our first meet but forgive me i had my reasons.It was a wonderfully different outing not only for the body or the mind but also for the soul.Hope to see you all soon.