Monday, June 30, 2008

Add p4poetry poems on orkut

For those of you who don't know, orkut is a social networking website by google and its very popular among Indians. I'm going to tell you about adding p4poetry poems to your orkut profile. Whenever you post a poem at p4poetry, it will automatically show at your profile.

Now, you can add ONLY your poems or ONLY someone elses poems or ONLY hindi poetry or ALL recent poems. For this you need to know the feed link for desired section.

Here is how the feed links are assigned:

For ALL poems:

For any author:
Note: In author ID, spaces should be replaced by '-'.

Example: My user ID is admin. So, My feed link will be: Similarly, Renu's Id is 'Renu Rakheja'. So, her feed will be: (Note the - presence instead of space)

For any category:
Example: For 'Hindi Poetry' feed will be: (Again notice that the space is replaced by - ) Similarly, for podcasts, feed will be:

So, select your desired feed link.

  • Now, Login to orkut.
  • Click on Edit Aps. See the 1st pic.
  • You will see two tabs: 'My Applications' and 'MY feeds'
  • Click on 'My feeds'
  • Add the URL and then click Add.

  • Now blogger will ask you to type some distorted text to confirm you are a human. :) Type it correctly and you are done.
  • The p4poetry poems will show in your profile now. Under Apps section.

You can also add as your homepage. People will directly come to your author page. (And don't forget to replace the space,if any, by the '-' ).

You may also like to add p4poetry poems in gmail. Read this link for details:

Let the passion spread.


Preeti Datar said...

Very informative post!

And yes, I'm human, so I'll be able to pass the word verification test ;)

goorookoolam said...

thas wonderful i created a blog and posted two poems and lost it .i hpe dis wl be useful let me try.thaku

Dev said...

I am new bloger's world
So i want suggestions from u.
And it would be very helful 4 me.
I appreciate ur work.....

Read my some poem and give ur comments....