Sunday, June 8, 2008

P4Poetry June Meet- A Celebration !

The Gods seemed to be blessing our meet.
Mumbai was deluged with rains 3 days ahead of its schedule from Saturday morning.
We were getting calls from nervous members if the poetry meet was still on and we assured them that even if we get one member attending,we would still go ahead with the meet.

And despite the heavy rains,we got an audience of 17 !
The featured poet of the month/May contest Winner -VishVnand ,came all the way from Pune to attend the meeting and reached 1/2 hr before time.

We started off with a short brief about the past month and with the announcement that we were now a proud family of 500 poets !!!!

Everybody briefly introduced themselves and then the mike was passed on to the featured poet for a 30 minute poetry reading.He kept us enthralled with his awesome poetry/geets and everybody was stunned that he had all his poems by his heart....

Most of the members who had come for the 1st poetry meet could not make it either bcoz of rain or being out of town except Sonesh,Dolesh and Ravi.We had a new member-Sanket who writes in 7 languages including French ! Apporv,winner of the April contest was luckily in town and could join us. Apart from that we also had aparna and ritesh, two very new members joining us!

Everybody read out a poem each.The prize for the most enthusiastic member went to Dolesh who could not suppress his suggestions and excitement.He is incidentally our youngest member also :)

We were very happy the way the meeting went.The 1st one had been a bit unstructured and our intros itself had taken 45 mins.This time I had taken the baton to be "The Firm One" :) and made sure that we kept to our agenda.

CNN IBN Lokmat recorded the whole meet and will be airing it in the coming week . Will keep everybody posted on the date/time.For those who couldnt make it...this will be the chance to catch it !


Sonesh Prakash said...

hi preeti,

unfortunately. i dont get CNN IBN Lokmat on my Tata Sky Account. I am sure, not everyone would be getting the same (since its an optional channel). So please update us atleast a couple of days in advance ...Also, ask vikash..if he can record the show & somehow put it up on youtube, through which we can link it on our website.


Nikhil Parekh said...

Someday shall be definitely coming to Mumbai, your HQ to attend the poetry meet, which has enthralled me, the way you've presented it here Renu. Cant confirm when, but yes I'll make it from Ahmedabad where I stay currently. Its truly reinvigorating to the core to see the enthusiastic spirit that you harbor for poetry and are making it a big success in India--considered impoverished for the arts ! Its a privilege being here and contributing my cherished compositions Renu. Please accept my humble salutations all of you governing body of, for persisting with a project you believe close to your heart--and nothing else deter you in your path. If it continues the way it is, some months down the line, we'd be right at par with the US/UK in the heart of Mumbai and via our website globally. will uplift Indian Poetry to where it belongs--right at the top drawers--something that has now been intransigently labeled to the rest of the world. I've never witnessed such passion for poetry even at the Indian Sahitya Academy or related organizations, which quite get the start; but soon fall into a lull. Lets see when I can make it over to your end. Hope soon.

Nikhil Parekh
Three-Time World Record Holder Poet
Ambassador for International Goodwill Treaty for World Peace or

Renu said...

@ Sonesh - We will try...will keep you updated.
@Nikhil : It would be our pleasure if you can attend any of our poetry meets.The next one is tentatively scheduled for 5th July.
Thanks for your uplifting comments ~

neeraj guru said...

hi renu and preeti, cogratulations to all of you for this wonderful event.sonesh said right, you upload the event on youtube.
main 14th to 19th pune me rahoga, tab koshish karooga ki mubai aakar aap logon se mil sakun.

apoorv said...

i think it'll be gr8 if someone coud record the telecast and post it on you-tube or maybe share it at the next poetry meet, since Lokmat is not available with all the cable operators.