Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Requirements for podcast

Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting using the Internet. For a poet, it can be a nice way to recite their poem in his/her own voice and share it with people around the globe.

Podcasting takes its name from a combination of “iPod” and broadcasting. iPod is the immensely popular digital audio player by Apple computer, but podcasting does not actually require the use of an iPod.

For podcasting, you need not be a tech expert. A normal person who knows how to browse web can easily learn podcasting in few minutes.

Podcasting involves three steps:
  • Recording your poem. (Or whatever)
  • Uploading it on web.
  • Distributing it via feed or embeding it in a webpage.
All the steps are easy, which we will discuss later. First, lets list out the requirements for podcasting.
  • Hardware Requirement: A computer with a microphone. (If you don't have a microphone, you can buy a headphone+microphone in about 200 Rs.)
  • Software Requirement:You will need a software to record your voice. Although, there is a 'sound recorder' already present in windows (at start->All Programs ->Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound recorder), I'll recommend a better software with more editing capability.

    Audacity is the best free recording software I've seen so far. So, My recommendation for you is to download audacity. It can be downloaded by clicking here. Install audacity by clicking on the downloaded file and following instructions.

    In order to save your recorded file as mp3, you will also need a special file called lame_enc.dll. Download the zip file here. (The LAME encoder plugin will be a zip file. You will need to use a utility like winzip or other unzip program to uncompress the LAME files to a folder on your hard drive. It's best to save these files in the same directory that you stored the Audacity files.)

    Install the LAME MP3 encoder plugin - In order to save your audio files in MP3 format, Audacity needs to know where the LAME MP3 plugin is. Follow the steps below:
    • Open Audacity
    • Select Edit-->Preferences from the menu bar
    • Select the File Formats tab
    • In the MP3 Export Setup box select the Find Library button. This will ask you if you want to locate the LAME encoder. Select the Yes button.
    • In the dialogue box navigate to the folder where you stored the unzipped LAME files. You will need to locate and select the lame-enc.dll file.
    • Select the OK button to complete the process.

  • Web Requirement: After you record your poem (I'll tell you in detail how. Right now I'm just making sure if you have all the requirements), you will need some space on web to upload your recorded file. Although there are several free/paid web hosts available, our esteemed p4poetry users should not worry about it. We have enough space on our server to host all poetry podcasts for our users. So, you pass this requirement if you have a p4poetry user ID. We provide this service for free.
Hope you all are ready with everything. Next time, I'll tell you about recording podcasts using audacity. :)

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