Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Subscribe to followup comments Now

When you comment on a poem then you always want to know if someone commented on your comment. But, if you comment on 10 poems a day then it becomes very difficult to keep track of all the comments on a poem, if you are not the poem author. So, now I came up with a solution. You can subscribe to all followup comments.

You just need to check the option below the comment box. (In red rectangle). Let me know any feedback about this feature by commenting on this post.


Preeti Datar said...

That's a nice feature to help us keep a track of comments on a previous comment!

Thanks for the addition! :D

ѕняєуαηѕн ¢σηƒℓυєη¢є said...

thanks for addin this feature..

VishvNand said...

This is indeed a welcome development & addition