Monday, June 16, 2008

We were featured on CNN IBN Lokmat

Our last Poetry Meeting held in Mumbai on 7th June, 2008 was recorded by CNN IBN's Marathi channel IBN Lokmat by their cute and bubbly reporter Priyanka Desai. Watch the video here. Don't forget to leave your comments! :D


If you’re a poet and you don’t have an audience, then you need no worry cause there is a new website on the internet known as

@Sanket: You should always dream

@Vijay Anand ji: My poems are dear to me, but they’re a headache for others.
My poems are dear to me, but they’re a headache for others.
Despite of knowing it, this man still fails to understand the same.

@Priyanaka Desai (reporter): No matter how your poem is, there is no dearth of an audience here, for this is p4poetry means ‘passion for poetry’ which was started by ‘P’ for Preeti and ‘R’ for Renu.

@Preeti Datar: First I shared my poems with friends. They said ‘why do you write poems, it’s so boring’. We guys listen to Britney Spears and you sit there with a notebook and write poems. Then on, instead of telling them to read my poems, I posted them on an American Poetry website.

@Priyanaka Desai (reporter): That’s where she met Renu who used to live in New Delhi.

@Renu: Slowly, slowly, she (preeti) started commenting on my poems and I on hers. We became each others’ fans.

@Preeti: Then we started a community on orkut known as ‘Mumbai Poetry..nah…Poetree’ to see how many members were actually interested in poetry.

@Priyanaka Desai (reporter): Now the stakes have got bigger and this small group has started a poetry website with the name!

You can read thousands of poems here and if an original idea is in your mind, then it’s easy. Just login, click on post a poem icon and you can post your poem. You can also get a poetry meeting hosted in your own city via this website. For the moment this poetry crazy bunch has made ‘Pause’ a wine lounge in Bandra as their hang-out.

@Preeti: Completely, there are grandfathers, pediatricians, marketing people, someone who has just given 10th board, accountants, businessmen etc and we have a lot of diverse members. It’s nice cause everyone posts their own unique poem.

@Priyanaka Desai (reporter): Poems bring poets in the mood and sometimes these poets make songs out of their own poems.

With cameraman Omprakash, this is Priyanka Desai for IBN Lokmat from Mumbai.


drtaher said...

Congratulations on being featured. Will check out the video later...

विकास कुमार said...

Awesome P 4 Preeti and R 4 Renu. :)

VishvNand said...

Oh! What can I say...! This development is fantastic. I am absolutely delighted & thrilled with this "p4poetry" TV coverage to further the idea of its founders.
I wish & pray that this coverage now leads to further popularity & all-round speedy growth of p4poetry towards attainment of its rightful place as a vibrant institution, a unique prestigious Temple of Poetry, from which all interested in poetry would always derive encouragement & inspiration presently & in future.

Parminder said...

Just saw the video and felt real great. It was as if a personal moment of glory had happened. Being associated with p4 has been great and knowing that the efforts taken up by Preety and Renu are being so appreciated gives immense satisfaction. God bless them.

Renu said...

The efforts are from all of us...Vikash,Raj,Preeti and myself.Its just that the channel was a bit biased about women and just chose to highlight us:)

dolesh said...

i think i am one of the luckiest one who got the opportunity to attend poetrymeet.
i just pray to Lord please spread this site to all those poets who are not get opportunity to prove themselves.

and lastly to ur site team best wiishes always.


Congragulations to Preetiji and Renuji for being featured on IBN Lokmat . Thank You for giving all poets a platform to showcase their poems . I am sure p4poetry will go a long way and gain more popularity as well as poets .

arshaj said...

hearty congrats for this smash hit web site... passion 4 poetry and being featured....
m joinin soon. i complety support ur notion that poets young or old must be brought into light, and this is an xcellent wy to do this...
also congrats to renu. m thrilled to join this site and post my original songs here...

....arshaj gaikwad