Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Website and Forum Updates

One fine morning you log in on with the usual poems and comments to catch up with, but you’re pleasantly surprised. The things suddenly have heated up…what can it be?! For starters, our admin, Vikash is back from his vacation, and he’s back with a bang! As for the other exciting changes that you’re seeing around, read on-


The website sidebar now has three new additions-

1. Edit profile link –

Many of your users were facing trouble in updating their profile. It’s easy now.
Just login and click on the edit profile link on the side-bar.
You can update your profile information, password, e-mail id, website url, gmail/jabber url, display picture etc.

2. All poet’s list –

Just login to your account and click on ‘all poets’ to see complete list of registered poets on
You will the display names of all the registered members and number of poems posted by them. Clicking on the members name you can view all the poems posted by a particular poet.
If you wish to read poems by a particular poet, you can subscribe to his/her poetry feed in any feed reader that you use that clicking on an icon beside the member name.
The members who have not posted any poems have been excluded from this all poets list.

3. Donate button- is a poetry website by poetry lovers and for poetry lovers. As you can see, our membership is free and our website if also ad-free. Thus, at the moment we do not have any source of income.
But if you’re reading this (we assume you’re a poetry lover) and you’re feeling blessed, you can further this poetry revolution by clicking on the yellow button that reads ‘donate’.
Once there, you can donate generously and be rest assured that even your one contribution will be a giant leap for poem kind!

4. Format issues resolved

Minor changes were made to the website layout especially the side-bar, the top bar and the bottom bar so that the website looks neater!


The forum is not just active; it’s also got new features-

1. Private Messaging (PM)

You can send a private message to any member on the forum.
Locate the ‘PM this user’ link under the members name and get private talking.
Do ensure that you maintain net etiquette while sending a private message even though you and the message receiver will be the only one’s reading it.
To access your private messages click on ‘you have __ PM’ (top of the forum) located on each thread on the forum.

2. Avatar
Express yourself by uploading you forum avatar. A forum avatar is nothing but a small image (still or animated) which will show up with every post of your in the forum.
Simply click on your user id when on the forum, find a tab called ‘avatar’, browse your computer for the avatar you wish to upload and click upload avatar.
Voila! You now have a face on the forum.

3. Signature

Express yourself through words/hyperlinks via forum signature.
You can click on your user id when on the forum, find the ‘edit’ tab and type/add a hyperlink under the signature space.
Your signature will also accompany every forum post of yours. Consider it a body!
So if you have an avatar and a signature updated, you have a head and a body to depict yourself!!

4. Polls

Include polls with your forum topics so that members with crunch time on the forum can also express their opinion on threads simply by voting!
Anyone can add a poll and not just the thread starter.
Get asking…cause this is the best way to ensure maximum members reply get involved in your discussion!

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