Monday, August 18, 2008


We recieved an alarming mail from an American author today that one of P4poetry members had submitted a poem recently which violated her copyright.
She had published her work (an essay) in 2003 and had registered it with the US Copyrights and this poem published on p4poetry had lifted phrases straight from the essay ,in the same order and with the ending.This was an obvious violation.
According to US Copyright law, derivative works must contain a substantial amount of new material and must be different enough from the original to be considered new work. The new material must be original.
We were asked to remove the poem from the website otherwise the author was prepared to file a legal suit against the poet !!!!!!

We sent a warning mail to the concerned poet and he has removed the poem from our website.

This is to reiterate and also read through our Copyright policy again-please go through
Copyright policy
Please be very careful and make sure you are posting your original works and not copying/lifting fully/partially from anywhere !!!
Chances are that you would be caught- The world is VERY small on the internet !

Sunday, August 10, 2008

P4Poetry Meet At Oxford Book Store,Mumbai

P4Poetry Meet at Oxford Book Store- 3.30 pm
Featured Poet : Mr Neeraj Guru: P4poetry member from Bhopal

Amidst some train arrival and hotel booking confu
sion between the featured poet .....we were finally glad to see him at the Oxford Book Store at 3 pm !
And for a change,it wasnt raining in torrents like the past few was gently drizzling :)
And another change this time ....we had made A
3 size posters and put them up at Oxford Book Store(getting more professional each time-lol ! )Next time we plan to print more and put them up at some colleges/art places too .

Some of our all time regulars turned up- Sonesh( an award should go to him for attending all 4 poetry meets !! ) , Neerada,our last months featured poet,Dolesh,Kavi Kulwant(he came only 1/2 hr late this time-last time he turned up when the meet had ended ! ) and of course Vikash,Preeti and myself.Raj could not make it this time because of an urgent meeting.Vishvnandji also couldnt make it at the last minute becoming a victim to a viral fever

We started off with welcoming everybody and announcing briefly about P4poetry achievements: 21,259 visits till yesterday; 8967 unique visitors; 6,59,319 hits,1900 posts and nearly 5000 comments.Ab Yeh Desh Jala Do- the most visited poem with 897 visits and poet Vishvnand,the most visited poet with 585 visits

We started with an invocation of a few lines from the Sufi poet-Rumi's words and dedicated the session to Maya Angelou- reading out her awesome poem- " Still I Rise"

The session was interspersed with some great Hindi poems from Neeraj ji,Ramesh Sh
rivastav ji,Vikash,Kavi Kulwant and Rajendra Shah and some interesting English poems from Dolesh ,Neerada ,Preeti and ending with a humorous poem by myself to lighten up the atmosphere.

We decided that our next meet will have a theme-" Mumbai" or " My City" if there is a poet coming from any other city.
The next session will be same place,same time- 13th September; 3.30 pm at Oxford Book Store