Monday, August 18, 2008


We recieved an alarming mail from an American author today that one of P4poetry members had submitted a poem recently which violated her copyright.
She had published her work (an essay) in 2003 and had registered it with the US Copyrights and this poem published on p4poetry had lifted phrases straight from the essay ,in the same order and with the ending.This was an obvious violation.
According to US Copyright law, derivative works must contain a substantial amount of new material and must be different enough from the original to be considered new work. The new material must be original.
We were asked to remove the poem from the website otherwise the author was prepared to file a legal suit against the poet !!!!!!

We sent a warning mail to the concerned poet and he has removed the poem from our website.

This is to reiterate and also read through our Copyright policy again-please go through
Copyright policy
Please be very careful and make sure you are posting your original works and not copying/lifting fully/partially from anywhere !!!
Chances are that you would be caught- The world is VERY small on the internet !


Preeti Datar said...

Thanks for posting this. It was much needed.

How'd you feel when someone lifts your work and calls it their own? Not good right?! Then, don't do it yourself! Please co-operate and stick to the rules, it'll shield you from prospective legal issues!


Anonymous said...

Who was the person ??

I mean the copycat... How embarassing???
Thanks ...

Shreyansh said...

Be a writer.Not a compiler.If you like a poem so much,give us the URL on the forum,we will be glad to read it.What about the self-esteem?doesn't it feel bad to stop yourself from creating something original?A bad poem is as much of labour to write a good one,it comes as sincerely from an author's soul!(see "mind chow" from 21st august,mumbai mirror).
Being proud of something which is not yours is not cool.

apoorv said...
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apoorv said...

I think since this is the first time that such a thing has happened on p4poetry, we should leave it with a simple but strict warning that if the administrators ever have to face a similar situation again because of any member or if ANY member posts someone else's work as his/her own, then their name will be displayed on the homepage as a punishment for the embarrassment they caused to the administrators of p4poetry.

apoorv said...

Such things may even raise questions to the authenticity of the work written by other members.

Tarun said...

I don't no what he thought??
Is it that he is unable to write good poems yourself!
If this is the reason, he must understand that a bad self-written poem is always worth a good cheated poem. It may gain you apprecitiation, but your conscience will always prick you, no matter who you are.
And surely, I agree with aproov that fingers may start to be pointed on other poets too.
Very sad.. And I hope it's the last time the autorites are forced to post such a notice....

Anonymous said...
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