Friday, September 19, 2008

Crowned Poem replaces Poem of the Day

At the inception of the concept of highlighting good poems being posted on p4poetry, we decided to have a poem of the day. But as the website grew we felt the need to replace Poem of the Day with "Crowned Poem".

The two concepts are similar, albeit the frequency of poems being highlighted/put into limelight. Poem of the Day meant that every day our team would select the Best poem posted on the previous day and crown it. Instead of doing this act daily, the frequency from now on will be erratic. If on a said day 5 outstanding poems have been posted, all of them would be crowned. However if on a said day the poems are mediocre, no poem will be crowned.

The chnagehas been brought about to ensure that the best poems get crowned and if at all on a day two poems are good, both can share the limelight!!

Keep writing, your poems will get a Crowning Glory soon!

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