Saturday, September 13, 2008 Welcomes Vishvanand ji to the Team!

Hey guys,

The p4poetry Team just grew by another member! Thats a healthy sign that we are growing :)

He joins us as a " Moderator" and will help us in running the website

We welcome Vishvnand ji into the p4poetry Team! He is a truly passionate and one of our most dedicated member( sometimes he is online on the website per day more than us ! and makes it a point to come for our monthly Mumbai meets all the way from Pune adding a lot of magic to our meets with his soulful renditions of his poems)

A Hearty Congratulations, once again!
P4poetry team

And yes,as we continue growing...we will keep on adding "Moderators" in our team from the existing P4poetry members !


poonam said...

Thats a great news,,,,,,dedicated people deserve dedicated posts...


neeraj guru said...

Very good news indeed,I love his poetry so much ,so passionate personality

rajdeep said...

Congrates Mr Vishvananda ji,and the P4Poetry team ,i wish you to grow like Himalaya,