Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"What's new" on p4poetry?

Change is the flavour of life. Did you want something new on p4poetry? Well, your wishes are our command.

Do you see new things on the website? Yes...? Spot on, so you spotted the new from the old! - Congrats!

Here's a brief about the updates-

1. Crowned Poem on the top side-bar.

Instead of the latest poems, now you can see a list of 5 latest crowned poems on the top side-bar. This was done to out the crowned poems in the limelight and make access to them easier.

2. See and read about the member whose poem you're reading

Click on any poem and you'll see the member picture and profile on the top-side bar. The perfect solution for the person-behind-he-poem-curiosity! So everyone, please update your profiles, for isn't it nice to share things about yourself, when you love to read about others?

Go here to update your profile -

3. The multiple news highlight is out, a slick news tab on top-side bar is in!

Out goes the pink news highlight on the website main page, in comes the slick news/update section. Redirect your mouse and your mind to the new tab on the side-bar for any update/news.

4. Direct link to the forum.

Now, instead of a text introducing the forum, you'll directly be taken to the forum page if you click on the forum tab.

Enjoy the new and improved!!


ѕняєуαηѕн ¢σηƒℓυєη¢є said...

loved the upgrades!

VishvNand said...

The upgrades/changes are indeed magnificent & great.
Just would like the following to be considered.
(1)A prominent strip on main page to draw attention of members to any important announcements of note which members should not miss. For example, the present voting for member-in-spotlight.
(2) Link to a page where important statistics/information about p4poetry may be placed, which tha Admn. feels the members should/could know and would be useful for both.