Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Awesome Forum Changes!!

An inspired admin just made the forum experience cooler!! Now you can use formatting like-

1. Bold
2. Italics
3. Underline
4. Strike Through
5. Hyperlink
6. Quote : To quote a part or full post of another member
7. IMG : To post images. However, the images first need to be uploded on p4poetry or external picture hosting website.
8. Lists
9. Centered Text
10. Smilies are added : click on smiley on top-right of writing toolbar to choose from a list of smilies!! :D

for posting a new post or for replying in the forum. Also, you will automatically logged in on the forum if you click the forum link on the website and if you were logged in on the website before clicking the link!!

Just another reminder, you can add Polls as well in the forum!!


1 comment:

ѕняєуαηѕн ¢σηƒℓυєη¢є said...

great!the "automatic-online" in forum was needed!thanx!