Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October Meet round up!

The October Meet saw a little less turnout, furthermore the meeting started a little late, but perhaps the delay made it all the more special! The meeting saw some non-p4poetry members atteneding and the enthusiams reached a new high!

The meeting began with acknoledgeing the fact that there is a need to connect, to be heard that brought all the poets together with a poem titled 'Connect'-

Two lonely hearts
Searching for an invisible soul
Ready to shoot their love darts
Waiting for love to go on a roll.

They log on to the internet
So close yet so far away
Two souls waiting to connect!

Then followed a customary Intro session. Thereafter began the open mike session where all the poets read out their poetry spanning several genres, styles and themes. Skand, in true roamtic style of the yesteryears shared a beautiful semi-ballad. Dr. Taher and his experiment with poetry forms blew us over. Rajshree, her powerful voice and her cause poetry stirred something within each of us. Mr. Prathamesh's few liners were not just funny, witty and poetic, but also great fillers. Also, Dolesh and his usual enthusiams, Radhika's inputs and comments, Manisha's wise words, thanks to her three year old association with caferati as well as a marvelous career in the filed of writing also lent the meeting a new charm!

The October meeting focussed more on discussing poetry. Everyone present had some wonderful suggestion. We will incorporate them soon.

The next meeting is scheduled for 8th of November, 2008 at 3:30PM at OPxford Bookstore, Churchgate! See you there! :)

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