Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We've been noticing that members are posting descriptions like (for Contest, VIraah Poem, For Prompt etc). This is not a right practise as the space provided for Title is not meant for description. It should be sued strictly for the title.

Say, a poem is titled 'Rose' and it has been written for the on-going contest. Instead of poeting 'Rose' in the Title, members tend to post 'Rose (contest entry). This practise should be avoided.

But we know that you like to mention things like the poem for written for so-and-so prompt, or contest. You can give readers this information in the space provided in the box where you type the poem.

Moderators are trying to edit as many poems as possible to remove description' from the poem title. But this is a tedious task considering we have nearly 2600 published poems on our website. Thus, it is a request to all you members to please edit your poem titles and snip out the descriptions from the same.

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