Sunday, November 2, 2008

Audio Poems 101

We have an unique feature to publish AUDIO poems on our website. But, no one except me is using it. Our editorVishvanand Ji tried initially but gave up after some time because the process was complicated. I tried to write a long tutorial about it but no one reads long and boring tutorials. Even our co-founder Renu confirms it.

But, I seriously want our users to use this feature. Preeti was also concerned about it. So, I did my best to make the whole audio poem publishing process easy. And like the previous tutorial trials, I won't bore you with long paragraphs of written text.

Record your poem. The software I recommend is AUDACITY. You can also use sound recorder available with any windows software. Save it as mp3.

STEP 1: 
Upload an audio Poem to our server. You can use other server of your choice as well. But, I'll talk about p4poetry servers. To upload simply click on the icon shown in picture below.

You will see a popup like this. Click on the icon indicated by red box.

It will open a window showing files on your computer. Locate the file and click okay. The process of uploading will start. And the screen will look as follows. This step may take time. Amount of time depends on the speed of your internet connection, size of the file and load on our servers.

Once the file is uploaded on our servers. The screen will look like it. 

You can fill in all the optional details. Copy the 'Link URL' , highlighted in the picture above.


Now, you will embed the file in the poem. This is a lot more simpler now. You just need to write a line like this: [podcast] Your audio file link [/podcast] as shown in picture below.
If you just uploaded a file to our server, then the copied 'Link URL' is your audio file link. 

You can also provide link of any other audio file hosted anywhere. If you paste the link in between [podcast] & [/podcast]  then upon publishing a player will appear in the poem, using which people can listen your voice. Don't forget to select the category as 'podcast' as well. The overall effect will be like this: 

It took me a lot of time to make it so easy for you. So, use it. :)

If you face any problem or want to give some feedback then leave a comment here. Hope to hear your poem in your voice soon, after all its the recital which makes a poem poem.

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Monika Jain "मिष्ठी" said...

if we want to add podcast in our blog then what we have to do?