Friday, December 19, 2008

Brand new Member Area for brand new year

I was working on a update of our member area. Many of you must have seen the new member area (dashboard). I just thought it'd better to explain few things here. But, words can not actually describe a feeling, being a poet all of you know it. :)

So, best way is to login and visit the dashboard

The new dasboard is divided into various sections like 'recent comments', 'recent drafts', 'p4poetry blog' etc. Each section contains an important chunk of information.

Every section can be collapsed. Means you can hide the actual content and choose to see only the section-title. In the attached screenshot, 'Recent comments' and 'Incoming Links' are collapsed. To collpase/uncollpase a section, you just need to click on the gray area of that section. (Give it a try)

You can also control, what to see and what now see. Means you can remove a particular section all together. (It is different than collapsing because in this case, you wont even see that particular section). For that, you have one option on top named "Screen Option".

Everything else is almost same. It just became more intuitive. You may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But, after getting a hold of it, you will be amazed how useful your dashboard became. :)

I'm attaching a screenshot of dashboard with explanation. Visit the dashboard first. And then look at the screenshot. It explained almost everything. (Open the image in a new window to see it in large size)

And don't forget to pour down your suggestions and feedback. Use the contact page.

- Vikash


Preeti Datar said...

Thanks admin for this New year Gift. It's definitely slightly uncomfortable right now, but i like the look of it! :)

VaRtIkA said...

thanx for this new dashboard.... things have become more easier and simpler... most of the options are self explanatory, which is gr8....

and this screenshot thing is a gr8 has been a real help...may p4p reach to a new horizon in the forth coming yr...

Preeti Datar said...

PS - Just noticed the screen shot of the dashboard. Great stuff admin!!