Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November Contest Winner

The theme for the November contest was ' Yatra/Journey"

The winner for this month is......

यात्रा की महक by Sushil Sarna

The Runner up poem is.....

Flight by Parminder

Congratulations Sushil ji and Parminderji

Look out for the Dec contest announcement

Sunday, November 8, 2009

October Winner

The theme for the October Contest was a 'Limerick'
And this month we also put up all the entries on the forum....as requested by Ulhas.

We had to rate all the poems on the basis of whether they were limericks in the true sense or not.
Limericks should have the following.....
1) aabba rhyming.( some of you used the same word for a or b- thats not rhyming.
2) Limericks have to be witty and humorous

The winner for this month is......

The Truth by Ray

The joint runners up were
A) Limericks- some political and some just silly by Sangeeta .( Not all of them were true limericks though)
B) Hindi limerick- Ek Sankalan by Sushil Sarna ( Again not all of them were true limericks)

We will be announcing the subject for the next contest soon

Friday, October 9, 2009

September Contest Winner

The theme for the September Contest was " Haiku " and we think it was a great learning experience for everybody- We got a lot of entries and discussions on this topic.Special thanks to Anuradha and Vartika for enlightening everybody on the subject

The winner entry of the contest is........

The Morn Arises by Sangeeta

Sangeeta won by a small margin and close to her heels were two equally good entries which have a tie for the Runners Up

- हायकू संकलन by Sushil Sarna
- Winter- A Haiku by Asma Bahrainwala

Congratulations !!!

Just another note.Some of our members are not reading the rules and submitting more than 1 entries.Unfortunately they had to be disqualified from the contest so please take care next time !!

Monday, September 7, 2009

August Winner

The theme of the August Contest was ' Independence" - free for interpretation and the winner is......

मेरे देश की कहानी, आज by Rajesh Gupta

And the runner up is

Udna Chahoon Mukt Gagan Mein by Praveen

Thursday, August 6, 2009

July Contest Winner

The theme of the July contest was " A Fairytale" .....Hmmmm.......we thought that this would have tickled a lot of minds but surprisingly we didn't get too many entries this month.

But again it was tough deciding the winner since all the entries that we got were good .

The winner for the July Contest is
Pari Basanti by Ashwini Kumar Goswami

And the runners up are
1st Runner Up : Hansti Pari by Parminder
2nd Runner Up : A Fairytale by Parikshit

Look out for the August contest !

Saturday, July 4, 2009


When we came up with the idea of the topic- " A Writer's Block"- we never thought that it would unblock a lot of minds !!! We received really great entries this month and lots of them.....It seems that creative juices started flowing copiously :)

The contest was also very very close and we had a tough time judging the entries.Unfortunately we can have only one winner but you will see a lot of Runners Up this time

Winner of the June contest issssssss................

WEEKEND by Purabi

And theres a tie for the 1st Runners Up....

Blocked In Translations by Ulhas Kavale
Writer's Block by Parminder

Oh ! My Muse has Deserted Me by Rajdeep Bhattacharya

2nd Runners Up
A Writer's Block by Viju

Our minds are already ticking for the topic of the July Contest- Look out for the announcements soon !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poetic Thoughts of a Passionate Poet-lll

Romance poetry

Romance is a reckless adventure of emotion that flies in the face of practical reality and sound rationality.


The first rain drop! The fresh splash! Poetry burbles. Droplets of words create ripples, all over. Smashing you hard as never did one. The smile on the lips of a flutist. The florist too has a spread. A look at a well arranged bouquet romance springs. Preserved black and white memories, sweeps you off. The fragrance of bamboo shoots. Bijou sprinkled. In the silent gaze at your beloved and love, the unwelcome, uncanny romance battens.

What am I talking about!

Well, I talk of poetry garnished today, but with a different ingredient- Romance.

Falling in love, staying in love, stumbling in love, lost in love: desire, pain, hope, happiness a whole bunch of varied flowers spring in your little nursery. Words penned and verses germinate: a poet in you teehee. Serious looks, thoughtful eyes, frequent sighs: tag you as a poet.

“The one thing we never get enough of is love. And the one thing we never give enough is love.”- Henry Miller

Romance and poetry have an age old affair. Brought to us in the second half of the eighteenth century, Romanticism emphasized on aesthetic presentation of emotion, it swayed its way through the pages of literary history. Surviving till date with more gusto perhaps even Wordsworth hadn’t dreamt of. Nature poetry was the first face of romance poetry that Wordsworth served to the world through his Lyrical Ballads.

Love for the moors, love for divinity, love for music, poetry and human kind. Love for everything and nothing. Romance accompanies you. A subject so simple yet so difficult to compartmentalize with a set definition, has not failed yet to be a theme for starters even at this age. Since ages the subject has kept us focused. It bears us all. We need it the most when backslided in love!

What is love? 'Tis not hereafter;

Present mirth hath present laughter;

What's to come is still unsure:

In delay there lies not plenty;

Then, come kiss me, sweet and twenty,

Youth's a stuff will not endure.

- William Shakespeare

Passion and emotion we live with. Often a conflict stirs up our soul. Romance breeds even in that state. Animosity-humanity, love-hatred, war- peace…poetry toddled softly, gently. We just love to float along the line of romance.

After months,
I slid my flute out of its cover,
and with it, slid out
some rummy notes…
unfinished and happy;
For what is to be gained from
untimely fulfilment?
Each hole a reminder of a blessing
Each one a love note…

-Vinod (from Bamboo Blessings;p4poetry)

With love on its side and romance airing, divinity too flows across. There is divinity, sanctity, sublimity. Overflowing. The air sententious. You need no hero to cry aloud, neither a lady love to spurn. Rhyming lines makes one Tagore or Wordsworth. The singer sings. The throat fills in melody. The high tide that moved my hair, made my walk along Porbandar shore, so ethereal. Romancing with the sea, the sky, the shore, the floating silence- my pulsating heart could only sing aloud:

For God sake hold your tongue, and let me love…-John Donne.

Leave me alone and let me waggle wiggle with the wind, the clouds have just dropped down host of stars. The swing made. The dark star-adorned night, the suggestive sea, the au naturel mind, all in kinship. Poetry walks affront.

Your kiss, your gaze or your breath
What do I cherish more?
Your breath that I breathed
Suffusing me to the core
Sanctifying me…..

-Renu Rakheja(from- What do I cherish more;p4poetry)

The kiss of the dews left me so wanting. Walking back to my hired shelter, verses galloped as zebras. Closer home, Gulzar for that matter leaves for us so many lines to hum, when we are all by our side. Not necessarily shedding a tear or two!

Sometimes all the pain collected in the jar of our heart lets us scream out with joy. Ecstatic, some call it; others consider it a stroke of faith. Take it anyways, sip it and you have memories to romance. Poetry never waves good bye.

I have nothing to disturb me,

except the peace that your thought gives me

-Preeti Datar( from-SMS poetry, p4poetry)

But, the writer is compelled to bid adieu, at least for now.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MAY Contest Winner

The theme for the May contest was " Holidays" - open to interpretation and we got some good entries this month !

We are pleased to announce the winner for the contest.....who is one of our younger,regular members......

छुट्टी के दिन by Vartika

The Runner up are.is....
Wooing Life by Parminder

Look forward to your participation in the June contest which will be announced soon !!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poetic thoughts of a passionate poet-ll


After a dramatic election fruition, back to grind (sigh). It didn’t rain. It smelt so thick! The message was guarded in the air. A malaproped information was just recorded. The air broadcasted the winsome score of the youths, much to the discontentment of many. Revere the juvenescence, they say. A sudden tidal-surge. India pledges.

Does a poet have anything to do with this political pulsating thump? “Well, is he not a citizen?” answered my helper.

Day, tries hard to catch forty winks. Roasting air baby sits.

In a remote corner on my pleasure armchair, Tagore was being read. No, not read exactly but hummed aloud. Within.

‘Gitanjali’…hmm, the bountiful nature, the monologue of a surreal lover… divine and flawlessly sewed with pearly words. Words which flow like a never aging hilly stream! Sparkling, mewling, chattering and flowing ad nauseum. And look… what it does. Sweeps our mind off and we, let ourselves flow.

“We do not enjoy poetry unless we know it to be poetry”- how correctly Thoreau put across the very essence of understanding the life called ‘poetry’. You can sew it, you can sing it, you can swing with it. She is just a beauty. Period.

Many have negated the poet’s world. Whimsical, they called it. They perhaps failed to have what we call vision. Poetry. An aquarium. So very known, so very colorful; life swims across. Smile liquidates.

Nature poetry has always appealed to us. Wordsworth, Keats, Byron, Shelley- you name them and well, the journey begins. Nature becomes a religion par se. The light handed over to us. Grey over the green. Poignant. In this burnished nature though, our poetry does oxygenate lilies and daffodils too. It hasn’t greyed as yet. The flower of november does celebrate its birthday . The dolphins do dance and paddle around. The birds flap their wings too. Well, the sun sinks in the arms of the sea again.

Blue, white, red and yellow, greets the colour-blessed rainbow.

Nature is unfledged. It always sweetens the pot. Our poetry needs to fan and room it. Nature mothers us, Wordsworth pays his tribute, so does Tagore in almost all his song poems. Poetry is a pleasure read. It is not certainly meant for people in the run and hit world. See a guitar, music just heard. Let your eyes fall on to a window-side flower, colour splashes.

Almost all those who claim to be muses, do ones in a while consecrate tune and lines for her. Nature and poetry are quite the inseparable. Poetry is ornamented when nature eulogized.

“Thy infinite gifts come to me only on these very small hands of mine.

Ages passes, and still thou pourest, and still there is room to fill. “

Tagore voices our heart in one of his song poems. So much it offers, we contain only as much we can hold. Pure love cascades. Looking at the rainbow, which stills us with the untouched feel of color, a man is always full of thought, how does it form? Scientific conclusions paid no heed. Its simply beauty to the beholder. Poetry spills over.

In our melancholic self, it is the best to return to nature. Nature soothes. It helps to sow the seed of verses. An active conversation develops between nature and man. Thus, ones the heavy heart, lightens up. I have celebrated reading aloud Wordsworth’s ‘Leech Gatherer’. Nature has been outpoured in the poetry as some of its lines just reverberate:

All things that love the sun are out of doors;

The sky rejoices in the morning’s birth;

Travelling amid natural beauty just lets ourselves, unwind. Lost in the sounds of insects, piping birds sizzling flow of a stream and the sudden gush of wind that disarrays lock of hair, a poet… instantly takes birth. Its in such instances that divinity can actually be felt and lived through.

Just the other day, host of pastoral lads visited our flat. A bee hive built on the top floor, blocks the human locomotion. The hive had to be destroyed. Poor bees lose their homes. After all, its survival for the fittest and at this moment it fits us to annihilate them. For we have encroached upon their territory. Cruel man rules over land, water and air. Now, space too.

Pages fill in, thoughts awarded the pink slip…


Poetic Thoughts of a Passionate Poet is an exclusively reserved space on p4poetry.com blog for whereby a member gets to share their thoughts, beyond poetry.......
.....because a poet is much more than his poem!

Friday, May 15, 2009

April Contest Winner

After the daring 'podcast' as theme for the March Contest, the heat got to us, just as we're sure it got to all of you guys! We decided to make the most of the heat and hence the April contest theme 'Heat'.
We'd like to congratulate all the participating members for entering their poems and not letting heat affect their creativity! The response was great and after heated rounds of judging, SUDHA GOEL's poem "Garmi/Heat" emerged as the Winner!

Congratulations Sudha ji!

1st Runners up - Garmi Garib By Parminder ji

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poetic Thoughts of a Passionate Poet - l

poetry,poetry and more poetry

Almost 3300 kms covered. Pine Hills, virgin ravines peeping and giggling from one hill to another, 17 degrees; chirpy chilly wind deafening the ears, cold yet vibrant café’s, verses in guitars and poetry on tea cups- Shillong swarmed in life. The kites now fly overhead, covered faces, smog-clouded streets, Sabarmati flows sidelined with bollywood songs and jagraatas in the background. Patellia rules in this part of the land. Writing poetry is the last pick of the day.

Opulence strikes on your face. Zooming big cars deafens the silence of the night. What was that car? A Chevrolet? A Merc? The tiny little small town girl grows up. Market is booming.
Market. The all pervasive, the ultimate, the supreme. Boom! Students have evolved to compare your care with the others in the market. 200 years of Darwin… indeed!!

Nights: sweltering heat brings in chilly frozen tears. “You think too much.” “Do I?” “Do we?” By any chance can we get over with our thoughts? The nights in any case deepens, darkens our ceaseless haunting thoughts. Can nights be blacked-out?

The process of growing up in a big city- a compulsion. Conflict breeds and braids poetry. We live. Muses after all are by far the most amusing of all human forms.

Standing on the balcony: the only outlet for a small town woman now. The world yawns here. Poetry gets stifled. Obnoxious odor of politics insinuates the ones uncorked soul. Well my poetry now is omnivorous- it gets a taste of everything. Intoxicating wax of the pines relegated to oblivion. Or is it? Really?

Time has worn a new face. Poetry factories churn out expressions. Easier access at the factory outlet. Hail technology. Did we just hear a poem now? Mass production doesn’t lead to mass consumption. Self consumption opens the gate to drawing from ones own closet if not from others.

“I am a poet too.”

“Like my thesis my poems too written by others.” Here I am the 21st century creative writer. The modern poet claims.

Writing no longer is the proprietary right of the learned or the philosophers who took all the pain to conceal from the world at large what they scribbled in the early 18th, 19th century. Now, almost every house has a poet or a writer within its domain. Any and every second lover turns out to be a poet. He, who feels cheated in love, passes the entrance test of claiming a poet. It appears to be the best resort to claim, jeer and announce ones feelings without exercising his vocal cord! Above all it’s trendy to proclaim oneself a poet! It is sad. In the process of earning easy fame and green passes to be on the limelight, there are a many of them in the crowd who accidentally get into murky lanes. One of them of course leads them to become plagiarists, thief the idea or ape word to word of the poems liked and earn the pat on their back. No big deal. To recollect one such incident- a poet who was a regular reader of his poems in a particular forum was one fine day trapped in a controversy of actually sifting up an old verse of Tagore and diligently vocalizing it as his own writing to an august gathering. Now, blame it to his misfortune that the listeners were all academicians and had their command over Tagore literature that he was shown the door with grace. Difficult to accept though, it has become a bourgeois practice to earn a coronet for a brief period and getting eclipsed in just few days. Like instant noodles, instant the fame too.

An age-old practice, percolated through the genes. Honesty, loyalty, human values have disappeared somewhere amid the concrete jungle. And we write poetry.

No doubt it is difficult to pull up the weeds in a field, but it is not an impossible job for a sedulous peasant. Those of us who consider eating, drinking and writing poetry as the only thing to be born for can conceal our integrity in our sleeves and give it a public appearance as and when needed or at least have the honesty to credit the person whose writing has influenced ours’.

In any case, it goes without mention that we do not say anything new! We say and praxis what our forefathers have said and done. We share a common knowledge, and we cannot contest that. The way of expressing varies. That’s all we do.

Meanwhile, its time for me to garner my grains and pile them up to carry on my diurnal work load. Poetry is whirling around the fins of the fans. Got to switch off the circuit to let the words climb down to pacify me as the calescent sun ogles without blinking for a second and I just look at it with a smile…

Curtains drawn.



Poetic Thoughts of a Passionate Poet is an exclusively reserved space on p4poetry.com blog for whereby a member gets to share their thoughts, beyond poetry.......

.....because a poet is much more than his poem!

Friday, April 3, 2009

March Contest Winner

We decided to be a bit brave in choosing the topic for the March contest ! And went in for a podcast contest- something that Vikash wanted to do a few months ago but we thought that the members were not yet ready for it.

We didnt get as many entries that we get each month but it was atleast heartening to see some members who had taken the efforts and they need a round of applause !!
The members who frequently podcast are Vikash,Vishvnandji who also painstakingly compose his poems on his harmonium,Swayam Prabha Mishra,Dr Poonamparinit and Raj

The winner for this month .........is Parminder who bowled us over with her elegant and fine diction in Punjabi !! She is the Amrita Pritam of our website .....

The winning poem is Tera Saath

Monday, March 23, 2009

P4poetry and P4pune - First Pune Poetry Meet!!!

Known for attracting students, retired people and home to a peaceful life, Pune city just added another jem to its crown! – p4poetry.com poetry meet circle!Jointly organized by Vishvnand ji/Viju and hosted by Viju, the meet was a very friedly affair. Even the location was refreshing; a beautiful garden in Viju’s home- ‘Prerna Villa’, aptly named so!! A round of three-cheers for them and all the other pune members!!

The meet has a very varied attendance, with people from every profession. Apart from some well known p4poetry members like Harshkant Sharma, Vinod, Vishvnand ji and Viju, we had some very talented non members as well, like – Diksha Neel, Varsha, and three poetry appreciators who prefer to listen, rather than write ie. Mrs. Viju Sood, Mrs. Gaitonde and Paresh! Also, two of the founder members, Preeti Datar and Vikash Kumar, loved being the guests for once!

After the customary introductions and exchanging words, the poems began to flow. Vishvnand ji’s situational and insightful poems, Vinod’s social cause poetry, Varsha’s short but deep set poems, Diksha’s beautiful words, Vikash’s masterpieces, Harshkant ji’s inspiring poetry, Viju’s easy to understand, yet very likable and relevant poems kept everyone rapt for nearly two hours!! Harshkant ji and Vikash cited shers and two liners for several well known poets and those just lifted the mood further!

Apart from the poems, the discussion were in plenty- what language do you think in, do poems come to you naturally/do you consciously sit to write a poem, hindi vs. English poetry (Hindi won….for the sheer fact that it lets us personify things, be more expressive and connect more with the audience!), writing about nature…..and the like.

The meet was followed by lunch at a nice vegetarian restaurant and also helped members mingle beyond just poetry. Having spent nearly 4 hours the poetic bliss, the Pune members already are excited and totally geared up to host the met next meet and also a musical night with some special guests.

Also, Pune p4p members invite all Mumbai p4p members for their future meets; after all they’re confident that 6 hours of travel will be totally worth it! Now that’s a promising start!

Monday, March 2, 2009


February was a special month.We launched SMS poetry on our website and all SMS poems published on our website were eligible for the contest.
We got an overwhelming response. !!

The winner of the SMS poetry contest IS...............

Arvind Kharbanda for his SMS poem
He will get a book of his choice from Manjul Publishing

The Runner Up is
Apoorv for his SMS poem

We would also like to thank www.smsgupshup.com for having provided us the support for SMS poetry

Monday, February 23, 2009

February Poetry Meet (Mumbai)

Everything goes in circles. February 21st, 2009, Mumbai Poetry Meet reiterated the saying. The Poetry Meet was held at the exact spot where this Passion for Poetry began - Juhu!

On a the warm February afternoon, poetry lovers and p4poetry.com members met at Juhu to share their poems, poetry experiences and the round-up of the last year that was 2008 both writing-wise and other-wise.

The session's theme was LOVE, afterall the month of February is for lovers, or for singles who like to proclaim that 'they're happy alone!' just like a poem at the session read. From Renu's dreamy verses, to Neeraj ji's love ragas.....from Dolesh's spunk and quotable quotes, to Dr. Taher's experimental Poetry forms.....from Vikash's magical lines, to Rakshit's appreciation for Poetry.....from Raj's on the spot poems to Preeti's compering....and Rumi's poems.....the meeting highlighted Love's many hues!

Apart from the poems, interesting topics and discussion about websites features also emerged. The members also gave us a peek into their lives and their writing, their poetry blocks and work-in-progresses (including novels).

Overall, the meeting- although low on turnout- was a rather interesting one! And the members were left with a lot of things to think about and look forward to viz. - Poetry Retreat, Poetry Meets in Pune and ofcourse, the much awaited p4poetry.com Anthology!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Favourite Poem List!

Over 3600 poems, so many favourite poets and their marveloous poems? How do you keep track of your favourite one's?

We have a "five step solution!"
  1. Log-in to your account on http://www.p4poetry.com/
  2. Under every poem you'll see the text saying 'Add this poem to your favorite poem list/(Remove this poem from your favorite poem list)'
  3. Click on 'Add this poem to your favorite poem list' to add it to your Favourites or click on 'Remove this poem from my favourite list' to remove an existing favourite poem from your Favourites list.
  4. To access all your favourite poems, click on 'My Favourite Poems' on the main-page side-bar.
  5. To remove multiple poems from your favourites list go to 'My Favourite Poems' page. Click on remove against the respective poems!

Keeping track of your favourite poem cannot get easier than this!!

Enjoy :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Minor design changes at homepage/other pages

What changes?
Look wise, the homepage page is still the same. But now if you wish to read or rate a poem you don't need to go to the poem page. You can read the poem right there by clicking on the poem name. When you do so, the poem text expands as an extension of the poem title on the same main page. There you can read and rate the poem. However, if you want to comment on the poem & take part in the dicussion, then only you will require to go to a separate page like before.

Why this new feature?
Well, you can save a lot of time now. Instead of going to every page, you can read all the 15 poems on the same page and rate them. By spending same amount of time, you can participate more by rating, reading or reviewing. Now rating is super easy. On the same page you can rate 15 poems. Also, you can select which poems to comment on by reading them all and then clicking further only for the poems that you wish to comment on.

What else?
You can also comment on pages. Suppose you wish to comment on Poetry Retreat page, you can do by going on the page and typing in the comment box! So what are you waiting for, discuss about Retreat, Poetry Meet, Member-in-spotlight, Contest Winners and more on every individual page by commenting there!

We hope these chnages make your p4poetry.com experience better! :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

January Contest Winner

We had a bit of an unusual theme for our January Contest- A Story/Ek Kahani and received some really good entries.

And the winning poem is.......

A Story Providence by Seema Saha

The 1st Runner up......

Paryavaran-Ek Story by Sudha Goel

To pre empt a query that could come in ( UK-lol !) - we do not have any bias towards women :) its the poem that wins not the poet !

Crisp, Fresh with Twice as much Passion for Poetry!

Vikash, our very own Santa Claus at www.p4poetry.com has unraveled some stunning changes and addition to the website. I'm sure you all have seen the newness and appreciated it on 'Let's Chat'. If you haven't had the chance to explore yet, or if you want to know all was really transformed, read on....

  1. Main page: The main page is now more organized to ensure an easier navigation. It also crisp and sleek while retaining the same artistic charm. The page is divided into 11 areas viz. Top Navigation Bar, News Bar, Podcast/Crowned Poems/Reference Room, Newly Posted Poems, Search/News/category Tabs, Poem statistics Tab, General Stats box, Let's Chat box (zooming in to popularity!), Poem Archive, Dashboard Options and lastly the Bottom navigation bar. Amongst the areas, the Podcast/Crowned Poems/Reference Room box is a new addition apart from the much requested 'Chat box'.

  2. Podcast/Crowned Poems.Reference Room Box: We firmly believe that poetry recital is more engrossing and impactful than just reading a poem. If combined with music, it transcends to new highs! The podcasting, i.e being able to post audio poems/songs is aimed at just that. Ever since Vikash wrote a 'simple tutorial on podcasting at p4p', the number of podcasts being posted and being hear has increased manifold. We hope to hear your voice soon :)

  3. Latest happenings: To keep you updated with the latest at p4p, we maintain this blog and the links to all the posts at the blog can be found under the news tab on the main page and also as news flash above the Podcasting/Crowned Poems/Reference Room Box. Further, you can also catch up on all the member buzz at the 'Let's Chat' box!

  4. Let's Chat: The name says it all. Chat with fellow p4pians, get to know them and have a lot of fun cause 'Chat feature' was the most requested feature at p4p and the admin couldn't resist giving in to the demand :P The chat box refreshes every few seconds. You can read chat achieves by clicking on 'All' above the 'Let's Chat' box.

  5. Dashboard: The dashboard/member area was a new year gift. Find out more about it here.

  6. Reference Room: Find poems by renowned poets and make your contribution. To add a poem by any famous poet in this section, mail the poem with poet information to ref@p4poetry.com

  7. Sms Poetry: This facility allows uploads via SMS. This feature makes p4poetry.com an open and easy to use forum as now people without internet access can also post their poetry. SMS Poetry will also allow members to capture their feelings instantly wherever they are, travelling in the local train or jogging – all they need is to sms their short poem and it will automatically get on to our website. Visit here to see list of available features for now. We'll also be launching a special contest where the winner of the best sms poem will win attractive prizes. So watch out for it!!

Stay tuned for other updates. There is lot more in store!(quite literally! you'll find out why, later....)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bhopal Poetry Meet

25th January was an important date for P4poetry.....we had our first poetry meet outside Mumbai at Bhopal organized by the Bhopal P4poetry members.And we are extremely proud of them because they organized it so professionally with a compere.
Neeraj Guru and Arvind Kharbanda ! You need a big pat at the back .You were awesome !!!!

It was organized at Cafe Rendevous which has a special room for Art activities like poetry,theatre,discussions etc and despite 6 poetry meets in the city the same evening( a weeklong kala aayojan had kickstarted the same day ) we got approximately 15 people who attended the show. Raj and I were fortunate enough to attend the poetry meet and we familiarized everybody with the latest exciting happenings at P4poetry.

Arvind's ghazal renditions were easy on the ears( we didnt have to refer to dictionaries ! ) and deep on the meanings; Neeraj Guru's social cause poems made you ponder ; Anita Dwivedi's poems were inspiring on the language and flow evoking beautiful visual imageries; Cheema's poems were sweet and tender and Mr Dwivedi's two liners were witty and spontaneous.

The group is so enthused now that they planned to meet up again on Friday over a candlelit dinner and will do atleast a monthly meet.
Way to go !!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where are we?

It is almost 10 months since we started p4poetry.com. We have grew from a 4 member team to a huge website of about 1000 members. The reason we grew and became the leading poetry website of country is very obvious: the visitors who read and discuss, poets who write and share, people who advice and help and the god who always watches over us and the noble cause. We were not stagnant and we will never be. We iterated our website and ideas with the experience and feedback. We evolved. And so did our esteemed members. We started with a very basic website. And then came Indian language support and then came podcasting support and then came Forum and then came real time chat and then SMS poetry concept. At p4poetry, things kept on coming, like our loyal visitors.

Today I feel like I should tell you how far we have traveled in this journey. This is definitely not the end of it. End will never come. We have to grow a lot more than that. But, looking at the data I feel proud of what we, the people of p4poetry, has accomplished. I'd like to share the joy with you. So, here is the data that will amuse you. :)

Visits: 47, 895
Absolute Unique Visitors: 20,673
Page Views: 309,246
Avg Time on Site: 09:35

If we compare this data with all website of similar size, we have 15.55% more visits, 109.78% more pageviews and 288.62% more average time on Site.

We have very loyal people visiting us.

3699 people visited us for more than 200 times.
2710 people visited us between 101-200 times.
2877 people visited us between 51-100 times.

We have 4496 people who spent more than 30 minutes in single session. 7707 people who spent between 10-30 minutes and 13944 people who spent between 1-10 minutes.

We got 3495 people who visited more than 20 pages and 5310 people who visited more than 10-20 pages in a single visit.

32.35% of the visitors came to p4poetry via search engines and 29.27 people came here via various other websites linking to us, including email forwards.

We received visitors from 136 countries/territories. Top 5 of them were: India (38622 visits), US(4176), UK(788), Canada(531) & UAE(428).

Countries for which average time on site is very high are: Mozambique (23:24 min), Tunisia (21:05), Czech Republic (18:33), Ethiopia (16:21) & Germany (16:02). (values in avg)

Countries with highest pages/visits are: Macedonia(17.75), Kazakhstan(17), Belgium(12.38), Czech Republic (9.39) & Tunisia (8.84). (values in avg)

I feel proud to tell you that we got visitors not only from a normal computer but also from mobile phones, iphone, ipod, playstations, android etc. And the all data mentioned above does NOT include blog and forum.

Now you know where we stand and its up to you guys to make it bigger and bigger. Its upto the team make it smoother and better. We will try our best and I hope you will too. :)

Happy new year.
Let the passion for poetry spread.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beta Launch of SMS Poetry

When we started the website, we wanted to enable SMS poetry option. But, we thought to start with basic features and then gradually improve it. And I suppose, we did it and we did it well.

Today is special because it is an attempt to expand our wings beyond the web. I hope this will be as much fun to use for you, as it was to develop for me. Without much introduction, Lets start with two Basic questions.

How to register for SMS poetry?

Send POET your_nick_name to 56767888.
For example: If I want to use SMS poetry, I will write POET VIKASH and will send it to 56767888

How to post a poem?
Send "POEM your_poem" to 56767888.
For example: If I want to send a SMS poem, I will write POEM you can publish your poems via sms in few words, Thanks to mighty geek, hail the god of nerds.

Note: Please note that POEM word is necessary at the start while sending a poem.

This feature is in beta stage. So, if you face a problem please report it to web@p4poetry.com or leave a comment here.

Friday, January 2, 2009

December Contest Winner

The topic of the December contest was " Enlightenment" and the winners of the contest are as follows.....

Seema Saha for the poem " Enlightenment "

She gets a book of her choice from "Manjul Publishing"

The 1st Runner up is

Anuradha for the poem " In Search of Enlightenment"

Congratulations !!