Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beta Launch of SMS Poetry

When we started the website, we wanted to enable SMS poetry option. But, we thought to start with basic features and then gradually improve it. And I suppose, we did it and we did it well.

Today is special because it is an attempt to expand our wings beyond the web. I hope this will be as much fun to use for you, as it was to develop for me. Without much introduction, Lets start with two Basic questions.

How to register for SMS poetry?

Send POET your_nick_name to 56767888.
For example: If I want to use SMS poetry, I will write POET VIKASH and will send it to 56767888

How to post a poem?
Send "POEM your_poem" to 56767888.
For example: If I want to send a SMS poem, I will write POEM you can publish your poems via sms in few words, Thanks to mighty geek, hail the god of nerds.

Note: Please note that POEM word is necessary at the start while sending a poem.

This feature is in beta stage. So, if you face a problem please report it to or leave a comment here.

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this was the reason why I asked you to have for solving the problem!!