Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bhopal Poetry Meet

25th January was an important date for P4poetry.....we had our first poetry meet outside Mumbai at Bhopal organized by the Bhopal P4poetry members.And we are extremely proud of them because they organized it so professionally with a compere.
Neeraj Guru and Arvind Kharbanda ! You need a big pat at the back .You were awesome !!!!

It was organized at Cafe Rendevous which has a special room for Art activities like poetry,theatre,discussions etc and despite 6 poetry meets in the city the same evening( a weeklong kala aayojan had kickstarted the same day ) we got approximately 15 people who attended the show. Raj and I were fortunate enough to attend the poetry meet and we familiarized everybody with the latest exciting happenings at P4poetry.

Arvind's ghazal renditions were easy on the ears( we didnt have to refer to dictionaries ! ) and deep on the meanings; Neeraj Guru's social cause poems made you ponder ; Anita Dwivedi's poems were inspiring on the language and flow evoking beautiful visual imageries; Cheema's poems were sweet and tender and Mr Dwivedi's two liners were witty and spontaneous.

The group is so enthused now that they planned to meet up again on Friday over a candlelit dinner and will do atleast a monthly meet.
Way to go !!!


Preeti Datar said...

Mumbai p4p member take note!!

This is a great new development. Hope to attend the bhopal poetry meet someday :)

VishvNand said...

Vow....! I am quite thrilled at this development. Hearty congrats to p4p Bhopal friends who have taken a glorious lead and wish them continual success.
BTW, Inshaallah, we from Pune are also in the process of planning for a p4poetry meet to take place in Pune as a start to initiate the presence of p44poetry at this beautiful, cultural capital. Hope to approach you soon with our plan.

Pune p4poetry members please do get in touch with me, phone 25460832, to be a part in planning & organizing this meet....VishVnand

neeraj guru said...

Renuji & Rajji,
thanks for that wonderfull evening.its realy awesome for all of us.this friday,[30.01.09] Arvind and me again meet and spend two hours with ghazals and poems.
our meet was held at 25th January 09 and you say it 25th December.

Preeti Datar said...

neerj ji, its great to hear that poetry meet has taken off in Bhopal and you're continuing the trend! Hope to see/read about a second meet soon....
PS - thanks, date correction made!