Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where are we?

It is almost 10 months since we started We have grew from a 4 member team to a huge website of about 1000 members. The reason we grew and became the leading poetry website of country is very obvious: the visitors who read and discuss, poets who write and share, people who advice and help and the god who always watches over us and the noble cause. We were not stagnant and we will never be. We iterated our website and ideas with the experience and feedback. We evolved. And so did our esteemed members. We started with a very basic website. And then came Indian language support and then came podcasting support and then came Forum and then came real time chat and then SMS poetry concept. At p4poetry, things kept on coming, like our loyal visitors.

Today I feel like I should tell you how far we have traveled in this journey. This is definitely not the end of it. End will never come. We have to grow a lot more than that. But, looking at the data I feel proud of what we, the people of p4poetry, has accomplished. I'd like to share the joy with you. So, here is the data that will amuse you. :)

Visits: 47, 895
Absolute Unique Visitors: 20,673
Page Views: 309,246
Avg Time on Site: 09:35

If we compare this data with all website of similar size, we have 15.55% more visits, 109.78% more pageviews and 288.62% more average time on Site.

We have very loyal people visiting us.

3699 people visited us for more than 200 times.
2710 people visited us between 101-200 times.
2877 people visited us between 51-100 times.

We have 4496 people who spent more than 30 minutes in single session. 7707 people who spent between 10-30 minutes and 13944 people who spent between 1-10 minutes.

We got 3495 people who visited more than 20 pages and 5310 people who visited more than 10-20 pages in a single visit.

32.35% of the visitors came to p4poetry via search engines and 29.27 people came here via various other websites linking to us, including email forwards.

We received visitors from 136 countries/territories. Top 5 of them were: India (38622 visits), US(4176), UK(788), Canada(531) & UAE(428).

Countries for which average time on site is very high are: Mozambique (23:24 min), Tunisia (21:05), Czech Republic (18:33), Ethiopia (16:21) & Germany (16:02). (values in avg)

Countries with highest pages/visits are: Macedonia(17.75), Kazakhstan(17), Belgium(12.38), Czech Republic (9.39) & Tunisia (8.84). (values in avg)

I feel proud to tell you that we got visitors not only from a normal computer but also from mobile phones, iphone, ipod, playstations, android etc. And the all data mentioned above does NOT include blog and forum.

Now you know where we stand and its up to you guys to make it bigger and bigger. Its upto the team make it smoother and better. We will try our best and I hope you will too. :)

Happy new year.
Let the passion for poetry spread.

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Preeti Datar said...

Whoa! We're on a roll :)