Monday, February 23, 2009

February Poetry Meet (Mumbai)

Everything goes in circles. February 21st, 2009, Mumbai Poetry Meet reiterated the saying. The Poetry Meet was held at the exact spot where this Passion for Poetry began - Juhu!

On a the warm February afternoon, poetry lovers and members met at Juhu to share their poems, poetry experiences and the round-up of the last year that was 2008 both writing-wise and other-wise.

The session's theme was LOVE, afterall the month of February is for lovers, or for singles who like to proclaim that 'they're happy alone!' just like a poem at the session read. From Renu's dreamy verses, to Neeraj ji's love ragas.....from Dolesh's spunk and quotable quotes, to Dr. Taher's experimental Poetry forms.....from Vikash's magical lines, to Rakshit's appreciation for Poetry.....from Raj's on the spot poems to Preeti's compering....and Rumi's poems.....the meeting highlighted Love's many hues!

Apart from the poems, interesting topics and discussion about websites features also emerged. The members also gave us a peek into their lives and their writing, their poetry blocks and work-in-progresses (including novels).

Overall, the meeting- although low on turnout- was a rather interesting one! And the members were left with a lot of things to think about and look forward to viz. - Poetry Retreat, Poetry Meets in Pune and ofcourse, the much awaited Anthology!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Favourite Poem List!

Over 3600 poems, so many favourite poets and their marveloous poems? How do you keep track of your favourite one's?

We have a "five step solution!"
  1. Log-in to your account on
  2. Under every poem you'll see the text saying 'Add this poem to your favorite poem list/(Remove this poem from your favorite poem list)'
  3. Click on 'Add this poem to your favorite poem list' to add it to your Favourites or click on 'Remove this poem from my favourite list' to remove an existing favourite poem from your Favourites list.
  4. To access all your favourite poems, click on 'My Favourite Poems' on the main-page side-bar.
  5. To remove multiple poems from your favourites list go to 'My Favourite Poems' page. Click on remove against the respective poems!

Keeping track of your favourite poem cannot get easier than this!!

Enjoy :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Minor design changes at homepage/other pages

What changes?
Look wise, the homepage page is still the same. But now if you wish to read or rate a poem you don't need to go to the poem page. You can read the poem right there by clicking on the poem name. When you do so, the poem text expands as an extension of the poem title on the same main page. There you can read and rate the poem. However, if you want to comment on the poem & take part in the dicussion, then only you will require to go to a separate page like before.

Why this new feature?
Well, you can save a lot of time now. Instead of going to every page, you can read all the 15 poems on the same page and rate them. By spending same amount of time, you can participate more by rating, reading or reviewing. Now rating is super easy. On the same page you can rate 15 poems. Also, you can select which poems to comment on by reading them all and then clicking further only for the poems that you wish to comment on.

What else?
You can also comment on pages. Suppose you wish to comment on Poetry Retreat page, you can do by going on the page and typing in the comment box! So what are you waiting for, discuss about Retreat, Poetry Meet, Member-in-spotlight, Contest Winners and more on every individual page by commenting there!

We hope these chnages make your experience better! :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

January Contest Winner

We had a bit of an unusual theme for our January Contest- A Story/Ek Kahani and received some really good entries.

And the winning poem is.......

A Story Providence by Seema Saha

The 1st Runner up......

Paryavaran-Ek Story by Sudha Goel

To pre empt a query that could come in ( UK-lol !) - we do not have any bias towards women :) its the poem that wins not the poet !

Crisp, Fresh with Twice as much Passion for Poetry!

Vikash, our very own Santa Claus at has unraveled some stunning changes and addition to the website. I'm sure you all have seen the newness and appreciated it on 'Let's Chat'. If you haven't had the chance to explore yet, or if you want to know all was really transformed, read on....

  1. Main page: The main page is now more organized to ensure an easier navigation. It also crisp and sleek while retaining the same artistic charm. The page is divided into 11 areas viz. Top Navigation Bar, News Bar, Podcast/Crowned Poems/Reference Room, Newly Posted Poems, Search/News/category Tabs, Poem statistics Tab, General Stats box, Let's Chat box (zooming in to popularity!), Poem Archive, Dashboard Options and lastly the Bottom navigation bar. Amongst the areas, the Podcast/Crowned Poems/Reference Room box is a new addition apart from the much requested 'Chat box'.

  2. Podcast/Crowned Poems.Reference Room Box: We firmly believe that poetry recital is more engrossing and impactful than just reading a poem. If combined with music, it transcends to new highs! The podcasting, i.e being able to post audio poems/songs is aimed at just that. Ever since Vikash wrote a 'simple tutorial on podcasting at p4p', the number of podcasts being posted and being hear has increased manifold. We hope to hear your voice soon :)

  3. Latest happenings: To keep you updated with the latest at p4p, we maintain this blog and the links to all the posts at the blog can be found under the news tab on the main page and also as news flash above the Podcasting/Crowned Poems/Reference Room Box. Further, you can also catch up on all the member buzz at the 'Let's Chat' box!

  4. Let's Chat: The name says it all. Chat with fellow p4pians, get to know them and have a lot of fun cause 'Chat feature' was the most requested feature at p4p and the admin couldn't resist giving in to the demand :P The chat box refreshes every few seconds. You can read chat achieves by clicking on 'All' above the 'Let's Chat' box.

  5. Dashboard: The dashboard/member area was a new year gift. Find out more about it here.

  6. Reference Room: Find poems by renowned poets and make your contribution. To add a poem by any famous poet in this section, mail the poem with poet information to

  7. Sms Poetry: This facility allows uploads via SMS. This feature makes an open and easy to use forum as now people without internet access can also post their poetry. SMS Poetry will also allow members to capture their feelings instantly wherever they are, travelling in the local train or jogging – all they need is to sms their short poem and it will automatically get on to our website. Visit here to see list of available features for now. We'll also be launching a special contest where the winner of the best sms poem will win attractive prizes. So watch out for it!!

Stay tuned for other updates. There is lot more in store!(quite literally! you'll find out why, later....)