Saturday, February 21, 2009

Favourite Poem List!

Over 3600 poems, so many favourite poets and their marveloous poems? How do you keep track of your favourite one's?

We have a "five step solution!"
  1. Log-in to your account on
  2. Under every poem you'll see the text saying 'Add this poem to your favorite poem list/(Remove this poem from your favorite poem list)'
  3. Click on 'Add this poem to your favorite poem list' to add it to your Favourites or click on 'Remove this poem from my favourite list' to remove an existing favourite poem from your Favourites list.
  4. To access all your favourite poems, click on 'My Favourite Poems' on the main-page side-bar.
  5. To remove multiple poems from your favourites list go to 'My Favourite Poems' page. Click on remove against the respective poems!

Keeping track of your favourite poem cannot get easier than this!!

Enjoy :D

1 comment:

VaRtIkA said...

thank u so much admin.... :) its an intersting feature and will be of gr8 help