Monday, February 23, 2009

February Poetry Meet (Mumbai)

Everything goes in circles. February 21st, 2009, Mumbai Poetry Meet reiterated the saying. The Poetry Meet was held at the exact spot where this Passion for Poetry began - Juhu!

On a the warm February afternoon, poetry lovers and members met at Juhu to share their poems, poetry experiences and the round-up of the last year that was 2008 both writing-wise and other-wise.

The session's theme was LOVE, afterall the month of February is for lovers, or for singles who like to proclaim that 'they're happy alone!' just like a poem at the session read. From Renu's dreamy verses, to Neeraj ji's love ragas.....from Dolesh's spunk and quotable quotes, to Dr. Taher's experimental Poetry forms.....from Vikash's magical lines, to Rakshit's appreciation for Poetry.....from Raj's on the spot poems to Preeti's compering....and Rumi's poems.....the meeting highlighted Love's many hues!

Apart from the poems, interesting topics and discussion about websites features also emerged. The members also gave us a peek into their lives and their writing, their poetry blocks and work-in-progresses (including novels).

Overall, the meeting- although low on turnout- was a rather interesting one! And the members were left with a lot of things to think about and look forward to viz. - Poetry Retreat, Poetry Meets in Pune and ofcourse, the much awaited Anthology!

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neeraj guru said...

अरे भाई,फोटो-शित्तो कित्थे हैं? जुहू पर कभी कविता पढ़ूगॉ ऐसा तो सोचा ही नहीं था.पर मज़ा आया.