Saturday, February 7, 2009

Minor design changes at homepage/other pages

What changes?
Look wise, the homepage page is still the same. But now if you wish to read or rate a poem you don't need to go to the poem page. You can read the poem right there by clicking on the poem name. When you do so, the poem text expands as an extension of the poem title on the same main page. There you can read and rate the poem. However, if you want to comment on the poem & take part in the dicussion, then only you will require to go to a separate page like before.

Why this new feature?
Well, you can save a lot of time now. Instead of going to every page, you can read all the 15 poems on the same page and rate them. By spending same amount of time, you can participate more by rating, reading or reviewing. Now rating is super easy. On the same page you can rate 15 poems. Also, you can select which poems to comment on by reading them all and then clicking further only for the poems that you wish to comment on.

What else?
You can also comment on pages. Suppose you wish to comment on Poetry Retreat page, you can do by going on the page and typing in the comment box! So what are you waiting for, discuss about Retreat, Poetry Meet, Member-in-spotlight, Contest Winners and more on every individual page by commenting there!

We hope these chnages make your experience better! :D

1 comment:

VishvNand said...

Very welcome feature addition and considerable time saving too. Liked it immensely