Friday, April 3, 2009

March Contest Winner

We decided to be a bit brave in choosing the topic for the March contest ! And went in for a podcast contest- something that Vikash wanted to do a few months ago but we thought that the members were not yet ready for it.

We didnt get as many entries that we get each month but it was atleast heartening to see some members who had taken the efforts and they need a round of applause !!
The members who frequently podcast are Vikash,Vishvnandji who also painstakingly compose his poems on his harmonium,Swayam Prabha Mishra,Dr Poonamparinit and Raj

The winner for this month Parminder who bowled us over with her elegant and fine diction in Punjabi !! She is the Amrita Pritam of our website .....

The winning poem is Tera Saath