Friday, May 15, 2009

April Contest Winner

After the daring 'podcast' as theme for the March Contest, the heat got to us, just as we're sure it got to all of you guys! We decided to make the most of the heat and hence the April contest theme 'Heat'.
We'd like to congratulate all the participating members for entering their poems and not letting heat affect their creativity! The response was great and after heated rounds of judging, SUDHA GOEL's poem "Garmi/Heat" emerged as the Winner!

Congratulations Sudha ji!

1st Runners up - Garmi Garib By Parminder ji


ѕняєуαηѕн ¢σηƒℓυєη¢є said...

Then "rain", now "garmi". Just asking, Ma'am, are you the lady on doordarshan who forecasts the daily weather?

Preeti Datar said...

Shreyansh, trsut you to come up with something like this!! ;)