Saturday, July 4, 2009


When we came up with the idea of the topic- " A Writer's Block"- we never thought that it would unblock a lot of minds !!! We received really great entries this month and lots of them.....It seems that creative juices started flowing copiously :)

The contest was also very very close and we had a tough time judging the entries.Unfortunately we can have only one winner but you will see a lot of Runners Up this time

Winner of the June contest issssssss................

WEEKEND by Purabi

And theres a tie for the 1st Runners Up....

Blocked In Translations by Ulhas Kavale
Writer's Block by Parminder

Oh ! My Muse has Deserted Me by Rajdeep Bhattacharya

2nd Runners Up
A Writer's Block by Viju

Our minds are already ticking for the topic of the July Contest- Look out for the announcements soon !