Saturday, July 4, 2009


When we came up with the idea of the topic- " A Writer's Block"- we never thought that it would unblock a lot of minds !!! We received really great entries this month and lots of them.....It seems that creative juices started flowing copiously :)

The contest was also very very close and we had a tough time judging the entries.Unfortunately we can have only one winner but you will see a lot of Runners Up this time

Winner of the June contest issssssss................

WEEKEND by Purabi

And theres a tie for the 1st Runners Up....

Blocked In Translations by Ulhas Kavale
Writer's Block by Parminder

Oh ! My Muse has Deserted Me by Rajdeep Bhattacharya

2nd Runners Up
A Writer's Block by Viju

Our minds are already ticking for the topic of the July Contest- Look out for the announcements soon !


Ulhas said...

Purabi, Somehow I missed you Poem, It was really really good...."A weekend in Distres".....

Congrats from my side......and I loved you poems.........

And I also liked my own poem,

I liked Parminderji's Poem - Shes a lady made for competitions

I liked Rajdeeps poem, and I still believe that hes like the Rabindranathji' type.....very skilled and necessarily doesn't write for competitions.....he writes for himself.

I still dont forget those lines of Viju's poem, they were brilliant -

"Nature’s got no harness, to peg a poets mind
Some of the best poets, God made them blind"

Congrats to all.......

rajdeep bhattacharya said...

congrats Purabi ma'am
Parminder ma'am
Ulhas and Viju sir
and thnx to the team and members

VishvNand said...

Firstly I would like to heartily compliment all those who sent in their entries for the contest for all of them are winners in their own rights by their participation, than the ones who did not take part, and each & every of these poems entered were indeed very beautiful.The winner and all runner ups also deserve heartiest congratulation for their success & excellent effort at poetry in this contest. Kudos to all of you.

medhini (fullname-Anandavalli R Chandran) said...

Congratulations to Purabi, Ulhas,Parminderji,Rajdeep and Viju for your great contribution and success.

viju said...

hi all,

just happened 2 b here by chance & am happy 2 know i did end up 2nd runner up :)

thx 2 all u gr8 guys.
wish i cud participate more, devote more time.

ulhas is a gr8 guy, but yes, in retrospect, when i just reread the lines= natures got...... etc

i really liked them all over again.