Thursday, August 6, 2009

July Contest Winner

The theme of the July contest was " A Fairytale" .....Hmmmm.......we thought that this would have tickled a lot of minds but surprisingly we didn't get too many entries this month.

But again it was tough deciding the winner since all the entries that we got were good .

The winner for the July Contest is
Pari Basanti by Ashwini Kumar Goswami

And the runners up are
1st Runner Up : Hansti Pari by Parminder
2nd Runner Up : A Fairytale by Parikshit

Look out for the August contest !


Ulhas Kavle said...

Congrats to all the poets and all the winning poets.....


The Pari Basanti was splendid, Ashwiniji being good at both English and Hindi Poems.....

Hansti Pari is Hansti parminderji, the competition lady is yet again a winner. Somehow I missed this poem and could not rate it or comment it.

The Fairytale by Parikshit was the early one in the competition and was a great poem.

Again Congrats to all the winners and congrats to P4poetry.

medhini said...

Khudos to all the winners and participants and p4poetry site and team.
Hearty congratulations to Ashwinji and not the least, to Soniji & Pares(Parikhshit).

rajdeep bhattacharya said...

congrats Goswami ji,parminder ji,and my dear Parikshit ji

Parminder said...

Congratulations Ashwini ji ! Your write was indeed splendid!
Congratulations to you too Prikshit ! Writing fairy tales is fun!

Parry said...
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Parry said...

Hearty thanks to Ulhas ji, Medhini ma'am, Rajdeep ji, Parminderji for your wishes
p.s. Parminderji all credit goes to the p4 poetry team for coming out with this fabulous topic
never in my wildest dreams would have i written a poem on a fairy tale , this poem has opened up a new world to me. i am grateful to them
congrats to u and ashwini ji as well and all the members who participated in the contest
warm regards,
Parikshit (Parespeare)