Friday, October 9, 2009

September Contest Winner

The theme for the September Contest was " Haiku " and we think it was a great learning experience for everybody- We got a lot of entries and discussions on this topic.Special thanks to Anuradha and Vartika for enlightening everybody on the subject

The winner entry of the contest is........

The Morn Arises by Sangeeta

Sangeeta won by a small margin and close to her heels were two equally good entries which have a tie for the Runners Up

- हायकू संकलन by Sushil Sarna
- Winter- A Haiku by Asma Bahrainwala

Congratulations !!!

Just another note.Some of our members are not reading the rules and submitting more than 1 entries.Unfortunately they had to be disqualified from the contest so please take care next time !!


medhini said...

Hearty congratulations to Sangeeta,(the winner)Sushil Sarna and Asma (runners up).

Ulhas said...

COngrats to all the winners......

Anonymous said...

wow!.. Thanks!.. I visited the site after a long break.. work n all eating up my time!.. :( congratulations to Sangeeta and Sushil!..