Sunday, November 8, 2009

October Winner

The theme for the October Contest was a 'Limerick'
And this month we also put up all the entries on the requested by Ulhas.

We had to rate all the poems on the basis of whether they were limericks in the true sense or not.
Limericks should have the following.....
1) aabba rhyming.( some of you used the same word for a or b- thats not rhyming.
2) Limericks have to be witty and humorous

The winner for this month is......

The Truth by Ray

The joint runners up were
A) Limericks- some political and some just silly by Sangeeta .( Not all of them were true limericks though)
B) Hindi limerick- Ek Sankalan by Sushil Sarna ( Again not all of them were true limericks)

We will be announcing the subject for the next contest soon