Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome the New Moderators

Dear Members,
To give a new breath to our crowning process...we have added two moderators from our large family.Please give them a hearty welcome.....

Neeraj Guru who will focus on the hindi poems
Gion Gion( Fergus) who will focus on the english poems.

We will make this a regular feature of adding moderators amongst all of you .Anybody who has the will,energy and regularity to go through poems on a daily basis can write to us and we will consider you as the next addition to our group of moderators !!

Take care !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good News

We did not have any targets or figures in mind when we started our journey of p4poetry .We were just looking at creating a forum where we could share our works and give an opportunity to others like us who wanted to share their works.....but the response that we have got is awesome !

Would like to share with you that we are a member base of 2750 poets today. We started with just 4 ! Congratulations to everybody !!

Also,would like to share some poet/author statistics ...

TOP POETS - Poem Views

Vishvanand : 3,17,611 views ........
Krishna : 1,34,605 views........
Medhini :122387 views...
Sushil sarna : 107134 views.....
Vikash : 96,999 views....
Nikhil Parekh (Love Poet): 88,525 views... |
Parespeare :75,341 views... renu rakheja :70.337 views...
shalu :65,711 views....
shakeel :65,165 views....


| Vishvnand | | 6912 |
| siddha Nath Singh | | 2481 |
| sushil sarna | | 2395 |
| ashwini kumar goswami | | 1971 |
| parminder | | 1285 |
| C K goswami | | 1100 |

Friday, June 11, 2010

May Contest Winner

Hey Guys,

The May contest theme was nature, aptly so when the heat was rising and we all were waiting eagerly for the monsoons! We got a great mix of entries which can be viewed here.

The winner for the May 2010 Contest is-
A Trail in the woods by Ulhas

The runner-up is-
मैं, प्रकृति की बेटी! by Rachana

Congrats to the winner and the runner up!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

April Contest Winner

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the delay in announcing the results this time.....
Our theme for April was " Passion for Poetry" befitting the 2nd anniversary of P4poetry.....and we got a lot of enthusiastic entries.

The winner of the contest is .....
Passion for Poetry by Rakesh Rao/Raju

And the Runners Up are ......
Calendar by Purabi
I Am Not A Poet by Swati/Aazaan

Congratulations !

You would have also seen that we have a page on facebook.If you are hooked on keep on getting our daily updates by just clicking on the " I like" tab on facebook.We have given a link on the P4poetry page.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anniversary/ March Contest Winner

Dear Members ,

First of all,congratulations to all of you for completing two years !! Its been a memorable journey with some great,cherished moments and hopefully,many more to come.
It has also been extremely fulfilling with many member's having come forward and shared their emotions with us about what p4poetry meant to them.We hope to continue to meet your expectations and look forward to your involvement as well.

The winner for the March contest is ....
मैं हूँ वीर by Rachana

And the ruuner up is

कौन सबल by Parminder

Congratulations and keep up the passion for poetry.

Since it is the anniversary month,the contest topic for April is also " Passion For Poetry".So all our poetry enthusiasts- come on and submit your entries !!

Take care

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Contest Winner!

The theme for Feb contest was Beauty.

The winning entry of the contest is....

Beauty. by Gion Gion aka Fergus Carty!


The Runner up is
सुन्दरता! by Rachana 

Look out for the March contest on the website ! Keep writing! :D

Monday, February 8, 2010

January Contest Result

With the advent of the new decade,the theme of the January Contest was - A New Decade,A New Dawn.

The winning entry of the contest is....

A New Decade,A New Dawn by Parespeare.Congratulations !!!

The Runners up are

It Just Dawned on Me by Ray

नया दशक, नयी दिशाए by Rachna

Look out for the Feb contest on the website !

Thursday, January 14, 2010

now YOU decide the CROWNS

At we believe everyone must have a say in the working of this site! Hence the -1 and +1 rating system that you see on each poem.

Confused? Read on...

We made the transition to +1 and -1 rating from the original 5-star rating scale in the beginning of January. This new rating system gives YOU the member the POWER to decide which poem deserves to get crowned which dosen't!

Everyday the poem with maximum +1 votings will be the crowned :) Further, don't be afraid to rate a poem as -1 for that dosen't imply that the poem isn't good, it just means there is scope for improvement and certain better poems deserve the crown more!

We hope you all use this power wisely! Let the best poem win the crown!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

December Contest

The topic of the December Contest was" Doha/Couplet/Sher"

Unfortunately a lot of poems were disqualified either because they were complete poems ie a collection of dohas/couplets or because the member had not posted the link of the poem in the contest box.If you are not clear about a rule,you can always write to us and ask ! We would really request all members to read all rules carefully before submitting the entries.

The winning entry of December is.....

An Air Of Positivity by Ray.

There are no runners up entries this month.

Hope to see better entries this month adhering to the rules !!