Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anniversary/ March Contest Winner

Dear Members ,

First of all,congratulations to all of you for completing two years !! Its been a memorable journey with some great,cherished moments and hopefully,many more to come.
It has also been extremely fulfilling with many member's having come forward and shared their emotions with us about what p4poetry meant to them.We hope to continue to meet your expectations and look forward to your involvement as well.

The winner for the March contest is ....
मैं हूँ वीर by Rachana

And the ruuner up is

कौन सबल by Parminder

Congratulations and keep up the passion for poetry.

Since it is the anniversary month,the contest topic for April is also " Passion For Poetry".So all our poetry enthusiasts- come on and submit your entries !!

Take care


Gion said...

Well done Rachana, you are on a roll!

Parminder, congratulations to you! :)

Rachana said...

Thank you so much for making me the winner of March contest.

Congratulations to Parminder!

Just wondering, why my poem is not featured on the home page of the site?


Parminder said...

Thank you ! And Rachana, many congratulations !!!

Renu said...

Hi Rachana,It is featured now:)

Rachana said...

thanx Renu!:-)muinesh

Rachana said...


I am writing to express my gratitude for making me the winner of March contest. I really feel appreciated!

However, I am just curious about my prize as I have received no word about it.

Can you please let me know its status?


P.S.: the contact us page is not working...i tried submitting my query from there...


Renu said...

Hi Rachna,
We have written to you on for your award.(this email id was registered with under yr name) If this is not your email address,pls provide the correct email address

Rachana said...

Hi Renu,

The email is correct but I haven't received any mail from you. kindly send it again.