Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April Contest

Hi folks,
We are back on the blog and all website announcements will be made from here now.

April contest results are out and sorry for making you all wait.....
The contest topic was " Anti Corruption Movement/Anna Hazare" and the winning poem is......

Anna Hazare by Sudha Goel

She wins a book of her choice from Manjul Publishing and will be featured on the website for a month.

The Runners Up are.....

1. हर शहर से एक अन्ना by Rajiv Srivastava

2. Anti Corruption by Hiral

Congratulations !!

We would like you to suggest topics for next month so please come up with as many as you can !!

1 comment:

Gion Gion said...

Congratulations on the win Sudha.
Rajiv, Hiral - well done!
Thank you to all those who entered the contest.
Looking forward to lots of entries for the May contest,