Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May Contest Winners

Dear Members,
Announcing the results of the May Contest for which the topic was " Hatred"

And the winner of the contest is.....

Parminder for her poem लावारिस Rolling Stone .

The Runner Up entry is.......

The Dark Dansuese by Sarla Kurup Jain

Congratulations !!!!!


medhini said...

Hearty congratulations to the winners-Soni & Sarala

Anonymous said...

Parminder congratulations on winning the May contest. I read it over and over in English while listening to the POD Cast (was this in Punjabi or Hindi?)
Sarala well done as runner up. a great poem,

Ulhas Kavle said...

Both the poems are beautiful, I guess the editors must have had the worst time of their life choosing a poem and choosing the winners.

I seriously couldnt make out, but according to me, both deserve an applause.

Parminderji once again and sarlaji a great poem...........

Parminder said...

Thanks a lot to everyone here. The podcast is in Punjabi, Fergus.

Searching for Sartre said...

Hi all ,
Parminder's was a beautiful output . I am thrilled I gave a good run to Parminder .
A small correction , - my name is Sarala Kurup Jagan and not Jain.
Great Job !!! Judges . Merci Bien.