Thursday, January 12, 2012

December 2011 contest

The year came to an end.......a very eventful year indeed .
Wishing all our members a joyous,healthy and happy new year !!!

The topic of the last contest of 2011 was 'Dreams' and we were intrigued by the various entries.Everybody has dreams from childhood and life would be so uninteresting if we did not have dreams .

Annnnnnd the winning entry of the contest is......
सपनों का संसार by Rajendra Sharma 'Vivek"

Congratulations,Rajendra !!
You win a book of your choice from

The Runners Up entry is.....
सपनों ना इस दर पे आना कभी by Sushil Sarna

The Jan 2012 contest is open and this time we have a unique topic. We have given an opening line and everybody has to interpret it their way and complete the poem.
All the best and we look forward to your entries !!!

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